Nothing screams freedom louder than the throttle of a motorbike and the feel of air on your face. There has always been some connection between biking and freedom, and cruiser bikes take that feeling up a notch. A ride on a powerful and capable cruiser on highways can offer you an out-of-this world experience, and the UM Renegade Sports S 300 is here to do just that. The S 300 is a sports cruiser from UM motorcycles, brought to Nepal by IME Automotives Pvt Ltd. Though the bike is manufactured in India, it carries its American legacy. UM bikes were originally conceived in America, and the company is headquartered in Miami.


UM Renegade Sports S 300 has quite an unconventional look and design, it is a cruiser, but the design of the bike is different from any other cruisers seen in Nepal. Unlike typical cruisers, the headlight is covered by a long cowl, giving it a curious, sporty look. And hence the term ‘sport cruiser’. According to the company, the bike combines the best of both worlds, and comes with the comfort of a cruiser and performance and sporty looks of a sports bike. The colour combination of black and orange look vibrant, and the size of the bike is quite respectable, the wheelbase is at 1545 mm.  Then there is the majestic fuel tank with a capacity of 17.5 litres. And the bike does look cool and sporty, and the thick rear tires add to the style quotient. The wide tires offer better grip, control and confidence, and both the tires are tubeless. It has the highest ground clearance in the segment, at 200mm. Over all, the sport cruiser looks robust and has a strong macho stance.


The bike is powered by a 4-valve 279.5 cc liquid cooled engine that generates a maximum power of 24.8 hp at 8500 rpm and a peak torque of 21.8 Nm @7000 rpm. The engine is mated with a 6-speed transmission that can reach up to a top speed of 160 km/hr. As the engine is liquid cooled, it is well suited for long rides and is meant for long highway cruising. The company claims that the bike gives a mileage of around 27 kmpl within Kathmandu, and 30-35 km on the highways.


The bike comes with a list of safety features to make your ride safe and a confident one. Another salient feature of the bike is the 360 degree lighting, meaning it can be seen from all the angles at night as there are LED lights near the engine as well. There are hydraulic ventilated disk brakes in the front and drum brakes on the rear tire.


There are sensors on the instrument panel that alert the rider of engine problems beforehand, and the bike surprisingly has a USB port to charge your mobile or other USB devices. Though seen in some scooters, this is a new feature in a motorbike. A unique feature of this bike is that the users can choose between two exhaust sounds, one is a smooth sound and the other is chopper-like sound. So you can choose the sound that better suits your personality. 

The bike is available in red-black and orange-black colour options. The company gives a warranty of 2 years or 32,000 km along with free servicing up to 11 times. There is also a six month warranty on the battery. With all these features of comfort, style and safety, the UM Renegade Sports S 300 is on sale for Rs 499,999.