“It’s all about looking good, smelling good and maintaining an overall smart appearance,” Kshitiz Lamichhane.
Kshitiz Lamichhane is one of those smartly dressed young entrepreneurs of Kathmandu who is involved in several business ventures. CEO of the Hospitality Development Nepal Consultants Group, he is also part of the Trisara management team and is co-owner of Kabilash Resort and Fun Park in Chitwan. Trisara is one of the popular eateries in Kathmandu where there are plenty of events.
Kshitiz completed his A-Levels from Chelsea International in Kathmandu, after which he went on to peruse his bachelor’s degree in hospitality from Global Academy of Tourism and Hospitality Education (GATE). The academy is located in Mandikatar and is also affiliated with Hotellerie Suisse, which is a Swiss Hotel Association. Along with the ventures he is currently involved in, Kshitiz is also doing his MBA from Kings College, Kathmandu.
Although a very busy man, Kshitiz manages to maintain his dapper image and when asked what being dapper means to him he replies, “A dapper man is like someone who is not just wearing suits, but anyone who can present himself well.” As an afterthought he adds, “However, being in the hospitality industry, my personal style has to be exceptional. The hospitality industry is not just about food and drinks. We have to look good, smell good and maintain an overall smart appearance.”
Since being dapper also means being well groomed, we got Kshitiz’s perception on proper grooming. He says, “For me, being well groomed means firstly being clean shaven. I am not much of a beard person, thus I like to have a clean shave. I also think proper grooming goes with a proper dress up. So especially now, in the summer, I prefer clothes like polo t-shirts and chinos.” This shows that even on off days or holidays, Kshitiz makes sure he is presentable and well-groomed.
Moving on to accessories, he reveals that his most essential accessories are his watches.His inspiration comes from Hollywood stars like Robert Dowining Jr., because of his tailor-made suits. “Every time I go out of Nepal, I try to bring back a suit from that country; the reason being that we do not have that kind of exceptional tailoring quality here in Nepal. I have a huge interest in tailor-made suits, which is why I always try and bring at least one suit back with me from abroad,” he adds.
Talking about shirts, one huge trend is the floral prints and t-shirts for men. Kshitiz is not a huge fan of these floral prints though. “I prefer plain or checked clothing. I don’t think I can pull off floral prints, which is why I do not wear them.” The next topic of interest was perfumes and for Kshitiz, it is Chanel Bleu. “This perfume gives me a certain level of confidence because to its awesome smell.” Other brands he would go for are Regal Inc for his suits, Dirk & Brown Nepal for pants, and Hector for shoes. When asked what advice he would give youngsters in terms of fashion, he says, “Don’t just go to YouTube and start looking up other people’s fashion. Wear what makes you comfortable and keep up to date with the current trends in the fashion industry.”