Oshin Sitaula, a well-known media personality, has established her name in the industry with her spontaneous, and expressive hosting and presenting expertise. Starting off as a presenter at M&S Kantipur Television when she was 18, she went on to become a producer. Oshin also started her own production house, RGB Productions, which specializes in the creation of documentaries, content writing and digital marketing.

Always an explorer at heart, Oshin craved for travel during the COVID pandemic. She listened to her heart and made a decision to travel which later led her to start ‘Travel with Oshin’. It was conceptualized to start with international travel with a vision to update foreign tourists about Nepal, but the pandemic restrictions didn’t allow her to go across the border and thus to get the feel of it, she started off with local trips. She says, “The team that I travel with includes a bunch of five guys and I’m the only girl in the group. But I must say, they are so understanding and I feel blessed to have such great teammates. Working with young people is so energizing, as it opens up doors to many new perspectives. For instance, I’m not into TikTok but they are all in. I’ve worked with the best professionals out there in the past and now I’m working with the Gen Zs and I’m so glad to get the perspective of both the groups.”
Kicking off with Chitwan where she covered Barahi in the first episode, she later covered Namche where she was warmly hosted by Sherpa Shangri-La Hotel famously known for their Champagne breakfast. In the third episode, she covered Mustang when she stayed in Moksha and even manifested a female tiger in Bardiya lead by the team of TIGERTOPS. during her Bardiya episode. She is also taking a journalism degree now which would allow her to be a certified journalist.

Living magazine embarks on a two-day summer staycation with the playful and confident Oshin Sitaula in the architectural gem of The Malla Hotel. Over two luscious days amidst the true urban oasis, we shared an intimate and joyful journey with the muse that memorialized her trajectory from a host to the resolute young woman of today who is doing what she loves while mirroring today’s generation of Nepali woman.

Recreating the Instagrammable life in The Malla Garden
For Oshin’s favorite look from the shoot, we created an Instagrammable vibe with the setup where the luxury décor items from Studio Nilaya created the magic. Set in the garden of The Malla Hotel, this look was very much aligned to Oshin’s personality as she loves spending time in solitude forgetting about the worldly stress every now and then.

Wardrobe: @comonepal
Home Decor: @comonepal


Scarf: @taraoriental
Swimwear: @ease.swim


Rocking the summer prints 
“My favorite summer fruits are watermelon and papaya. Fun fact: I eat papaya everyday throughout the year. If I don’t get papaya, I go for watermelon.” This exposes the young, vibrant and carefree side of the media personality who is just enjoying the present.
Set beside the poolside, Oshin is wearing a swimsuit from @ease.swim along with a printed outer from Como Nepal accentuated with a scarf from Tara Oriental exuding a total summer vacation mood. The entire look is further styled with basics pop of jewelry to add some cool vibes in the summer breeze.

Shirt: @comonepal
Scarf: @taraoriental
Accessories: @masalabeads
Swimwear: @ease.swim


Sultry & laid-back!
These pictures are a feast for the eyes proving that Oshin is an ultimate water baby who loves being in the water. “A pool always brings the fun side of me and it was totally relevant from the vibe it created during the shoot in the serene blue setting.” Stunning in @ease.swim’s high-waisted suit against the magnificent blue backdrop of the pool in The Malla Hotel, Oshin is seen flaunting her curves and playing with colors, shelling major vacation goals.

Swimwear: @ease.swim
Outerwear: @comonepal


Glam up for summer celebrations
A wise man once said, in the midst of a boring life, love gives us a fairy tale. And for the rest of us, there’s some drinks.Tropical drinks meet tropical chic this summer as the temperature rises at the Garden Bar in The Malla Hotel. Oshin likes to drink once in a while and here the diva looks absolutely flawless in the tropical printed modernism in trims and silhouettes complemented by some classic jewelry as she sips some Martini. Despite being in the heart of the city, the bar is a perfect spot to chill and vibe with friends and families in a fine summer evening. 
Jewelry: @comonepal


Fueling up for the day!
It’s a beautiful, calm and intoxicating morning as the clock strikes seven o’clock at The Coffee House in The Malla Hotel. As her locks are twirled and eyes are transformed into some smokey magic while her favorite “Holocene” by Bon Iver softly plays in the background. Oshin sips some coffee before starting her day, as she looks all refreshed and energized. Breakfast has always been an important part of the diva’s meal considering her on-the-go lifestyle.



All things summer & fun 
A languid and long brunch over freshly squeezed juice and breads, Oshin gets into a grander conversation about her travel show with us in The Malla Garden.This top from COMO with the dramatic puffed sleeves looks cute and classy and yet practical and Instagram-worthy.This style epitomizes the easygoing but luxurious feeling that brunch is all about.

Wardrobe, Home Decor & Jewelry: @comonepal