Draped in black & yellow embodeying the champions of FIFA World Cup 2014 is Miss Nepal World 2018, Shrinkhala Khatiwada. No words needed! Srinkhala's pose speaks her mind, and Germany is the defending champions and might just win again


Green and Yellow, the colours of the football pitch and the spiritual football nation, and five-time winner of the World Cup "Viva Brazil!". But the real question is: who is the real eye candy, Neymar or Priya?


Bold and fiery Ronali Amatya is draped in the colors of Spain, winner of World Cup 2010. With such vibrent colors; red and yellow, representing the spirit of the Spanish nation, Ronali knows she is not going to be disappointed by spain.


Italy might not be in the World cup this time but having won four titles previously, they've had their glory days. Manita, donned in the colors of Italian elegance: red, white and green, knows what they are capable of when it comes to lifting trophies,