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As a former Miss Nepal, Sadichha Shrestha has splendidly found her vocation in life by successfully hosting and emceeing numerous events and TV shows. She is equally talented, humble and beautiful and has been naturally inclined towards emceeing and hosting TV shows since her younger days. She is currently hosting Dancing Stars Nepal, Banking Siksha, and Info Plus. She has also taken the responsibility of a Director not only at S.N Joshi & Sons Company but also at Lotus Sleep Studio Nepal. 


What’s new and happening with Sadichha Shrestha that you would like to share with our readers?
I feel like a lot is happening but at the same time, it feels like it’s the same old same old you know. But I am busy doing my shows on TV and at the same time am really glad to see things going back to the way they used to be. With the new normalcy, many events are also taking place and I’m back to holding mics, managing crowds, and hosting events. As it didn’t happen for almost two years due to the pandemic, I feel like it’s so new to me. So, yeah I think that is something new that’s happening in my life.

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“If you do take a shortcut to success your success will also be short cut.”

Do you have any new projects that you have in the pipeline?
Well, it’s not a new project to be precise but I am traveling soon for Miss Nepal North America which I am really looking forward to. And I am already doing two TV shows i.e Dancing Stars Nepal and Banking Siksha. And have recently taken up this new responsibility as the Director of S.N Joshi and Sons Company (importing furniture and bedding products) and also Lotus Sleep Studio Nepal. Lotus Sleep Studio Nepal which is a family business that I am personally looking after is like a flagship store of the brand Lotus. They have it all over the world and we have one in 1 Durbar Mall at Durbar Marg. So, it’s something new that I am doing and learning, also trying to soak in as much as possible. 
Outfit: @landmarkk2022

From your glorious journey from becoming Miss Nepal 2010 to emceeing and hosting TVshows, how would you describe the transitions in your career?
When I became Miss Nepal at the very young age of 19, it all seemed so new to me. I was so naive and very young and had no proper media background. Also I hadn’t participated in any beauty pageant before. But all of the aspects regarding hosting and emceeing sort of blended in perfectly because I used to host shows during my school days. I used to be that girl who hosted each and every program that used to take place in our school. So, the experience was there and Miss Nepal gave me a platform. So, it was like a perfect amalgamation of the skill that I had and the platform that I needed to showcase it to everybody else.

Which among the three careers would you say mostly defines you as a public figure?
It’s a very difficult question because Miss Nepal set the base for me to become an emcee and eventually go on to become a TV show host. So, it's all connected to be precise as one would not have happened without the other. In recent years whenever I’m approached for an event to emcee or host a TV show, I get immense respect from the organizers and producers which I don’t know if I had gotten if I wasn’t a Miss Nepal. But apart from that, it also boils down to the years of experience and hard work that I have gained and put into proving myself. And I feel like I have proved myself when it comes to emceeing. These days people don’t question me twice about my skills as an emcee and host. It’s also nice to see the organizers appreciating that I have agreed to the events and shows. So, all of the above three equal parts contribute in defining me as a public figure.
Can you touch upon some learning curves while hosting the renowned TV shows Dancing Stars Nepal, Banking Siksha, and Info Plus?
What I have learned from doing all of these shows is that one should do the kind of work that complements their personality. Doing so can lead one to greater heights and achievement. Everybody is built for greatness; one just needs to know one's potential and personality. So, Banking Siksha and Info Plus, have many similarities. Info Plus is related to students and education while Banking Siksha is related to financial literacy and to educating the masses about financial terms. These two shows are very formal and fall under my comfort zone.  
But doing Dancing Stars Nepal was very new like I said I had to come out of my shell for this. I had to learn to lighten up on stage in front of so many people. But from the 2nd season of the show I had also started to crack jokes which I think was a fun experience of a learning curve for me. I applied what I learned there while hosting semi formal and informal events where I’ve really learned to bring that fun element in, where before I would’ve just hosted according to the schedule.

“Inspiration doesn’t happen once a year or once a month. It has to happen every day.” 

Finally, what empowering words of wisdom would you like to impart to young ambitious girls wanting to follow in your footsteps?
The first thing to remember is to know your worth; don’t settle for less. Be alert, not everybody you meet might have the right intentions. Also work hard, there is no shortcut to success. And if you do take a shortcut to success your success will also be a short cut. There’s no shortcut to success and success tastes far better when you have worked your ass off for it. 
And for the young generation I feel like they’re too harsh on themselves. They want instant gratification which is not a good mindset to have. Things don’t always go your way and achievements don’t happen overnight. You have to learn to be patient, consistent and determined. And never stop learning, you’re never too old or young to learn new things.