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Think of a farm on a terraced hillside, of an ancient fortress and citadel of terracotta tiled roofs and gold finials glinting in the sunshine. Below is a fertile valley with a river meandering right through the middle. The scene stretches from the vast surrounding green hills to the foothills rising in the north to the snows of Langtang Himal. The adventure ride from Kathmandu to Nuwakot is fascinating; it’s a three- hour drive from Kathmandu valley through the Galchi Highway and green scenic meadows. Driving through roads that are steep and winding, the average speed is barely 30kmph. But then a trip is never about the destination. A tiny nondescript road leaves the highway and heads toward Nuwakot’s famous farm.

Leaving civilization behind, you find yourself in the midst of Mother nature enjoying the lush greenery and fresh mountain air. The farm, fortress and citadel are the essence of Nuwakot; just a 5km detour, from Battar to Nuwakot Durbar. An imposing manor house and two charming cottages form a courtyard, while The Farm itself is a delight of quiet corners and verdant niches with terraces of abundant, colorful, organic crops. This is the adventure ride you don’t want miss in your life, the place offers Zen relaxation with your friends and family on the lap of a valley.


The little settlement of Bandipur has a charm all its own and there is nowhere else quite like it. You’ll love its eagle’s nest location, its lazy walks through orchards, the simple traditional architecture, and you’ll never forget the utterly stunning pink-tinged Himalayan skyline of dawn and another before twilight. Its history is unique too for it was a center of exotic trade between the lowlands and highlands and between British India and independent Tibet which led to its prosperity and faded grandeur. Its location, between Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan makes it the idyllic retreat and rest stop before moving on to other destinations. The Kathmandu-Pokhara highway is one of busiest in the country but still makes for a pleasant ride. A tiny nondescript road leaves the highway and takes you to Bandipur. The air clears up and civilization gives way to the majestic trees, deep valleys and lofty mountains. You’ve now entered the surreal world of Bandipur, far removed from the chaos of modern day living. Old Newari buildings line the paved streets and the Himalayas serve as a fascinating backdrop. The town center is off limits to all traffic and so peace reigns supreme.