Travelling via Istanbul can be fun if you meet the criteria to get a free tour of this magnificent city. What better way to spend your stopover time than to take this marvelous offer by Turkish Airlines!

Home to ancient monuments, artefact-rich museums and cutting-edge art galleries, Istanbul is a city where tradition and modernity are perfectly balanced, and where visitors from every part of the globe will immediately feel at home. Once known as Constantinople, Istanbul is the also the most populous city of Turkey that straddles Europe and Asia across the Bosphorus strait. Istanbul displays the legacies of Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman cultures blended in to the modern city where east meets west. The old city reflects cultural influences of the many empires that once ruled here. The historical buildings like the waterfront mansions along the Bosporus, the Hagia Sophia, and Topkap? Palace along with the coastal neighborhoods along the Golden Horn showcase the city’s Byzantine and Ottoman past. The city has a youthful vibrancy and colorful atmosphere full of life while still maintaining a connection to tradition and the past. Istanbul is the economic, cultural and historic center of Turkey.

One of the joys of a tour of Istanbul is wandering amid the gardens sandwiched between the Blue Mosque and the AyaSofya to experience their dueling domes in twin glory. Apart from the historical sites, there is much more to experience as you wander about the city and Turkish food is one of the absolute delights.  An exotic blend of several cuisines, every meal in Turkey is a barbecue opportunity and their mineral bath spas are one of a kind. Whether you are a vacationer looking to relax on a beach or someone searching out ancient cultures or a devout pilgrim, Turkey has something to offer everyone.

“Touristanbul” is a new service introduced by Turkish Airlines with a mission to provide the best possible service to their customers. Passengers who arrive at Istanbul Airport and are due to take a connecting flight on the same day can now take advantage of a new service to enjoy a fabulous tour of Istanbul instead of sitting at the airport whiling away your time. However, you must meet certain conditions to be eligible for this service. For more information, visit the website of Turkish Airlines ( to find out more about “Touristanbul” package. Plan well, Plan Smart.