Heritage Café, Basantapur
If you’re looking for the best roof top view of Kathmandu from the heart of the city, then head for Durbar Square and walk past the Kumari Ghar and just as you come across the stone Garuda in front of a Vishnu temple, look to the left, you will find a small doorway. Walk in and climb up four floors, but wait, there’s one more floor at the top. Then you are rewarded with amazing views of Swoyambhu and the distant hills including Nagarjung to the west. You are looking down on Hanuman Dhoka towards the north and Basantapur Square to the east. This is obviously the tallest roof top restaurant around here. Once you are at the top, you are reluctant to leave; such is the ambience of this remarkable rooftop café. Believe it or not, you are so far above the city that the air feels fresh and sounds of the city below seem distant. The top floors of Aloft that can be seen in the distance tells you where Thamel is. The café occupies three floors, two of which are on the roof. An eight page menu contains everything from Katti rolls to Chop Suey, Pizza to Biryani. Take your pick of cocktails, mocktails or energy drinks; you can even try shisha at this rooftop café, relaxing on the sofa.

Si Taleju Restaurant & Bar, Patan
Located right beside the local tuk-tuk and taxi stand in Patan, close to Durbar Square, Si Taleju Restaurant & Bar is an ideal place if you are looking for a bird’s eye view while enjoying your meal at the same time. A narrow, towering building consisting of four floors, each with a different feel, the restaurant not only fulfills your desire for diverse cuisines but also offers spectacular views of the city and snow-capped mountains in the distance. If you are at this rooftop in the evening, the Krishna Mandir looks amazing with twinkling lights in the background. It's quite a remarkable experience sitting up there with a hint of music in the background, savoring delicacies which are served unbelievably fast. The restaurant staff makes sure that your conversations are not disturbed whether you choose to sit indoors or outdoors. Si Taleju Restaurant & Bar has one of the best  rooftops views here as it overlooks Patan Durbar Square. 

Khwapa Chhen, Bhaktapur
What better way than to enjoy a pleasant afternoon looking down on the grand Bhaktapur Durbar Square from a rooftop restaurant. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Bhaktapur Durbar Square is filled with tourists and locals alike admiring the glorious art and architecture from centuries ago. Khwapa Chhen, located on the south side of the main entrance to Bhaktapur offers a view that is second to none. A rooftop restaurant cum hotel, Khwapa Chhen offers 12 rooms. An enticing view of not only the Durbar Square but also the valley is seen from this roof top restaurant. Relax and appreciate the natural beauty of the square and the valley beyond. The restaurant sits atop a four- storey building with an unobstructed spectacular 360 degree view. The Durbar Square lies on the front side and on the left and right you can enjoy views of the magnificent hills that surround Kathmandu. The air is different up here and seems refreshing! They have an extensive menu with drinks and a wide choice of food items. Take your pick and enjoy a marvelous meal and drink, admiring the pride of Nepal from above.

Boudha Stupa Restaurant & Café, Boudha
One of the best if not the best places to sit and admire the Boudha stupa is appropriately named Boudha Stupa Restaurant & Café. It’s been around for 10 years but now they’ve changed the seating arrangement on the terrace to ensure that all the customers are facing this magnificent stupa. There are four tables in the front while those seated behind them are elevated so that they get a clear view as well. The tables in the back are long brick tables with a finishing of tiles, so that many people can be seated. All are under the shade of colorful umbrellas. There is a large room for sitting inside and part of the terrace is under a translucent fiberglass roof. “We are busy for lunch so our menu is not that vast, just manageable,” says the manager. Even then they serve a diverse menu of Tuna salad, Kwati soup, Chicken Schnitzel, Teriyaki Chicken, Thai Red Curry Rice, Spaghetti Napolitano, Nepali Thali, Carrot cake for dessert and there’s Banana Lassi, choice of beer and coffee. Being on the western side, the evening view is enchanting when the spire is lighted up by the yellow evening sun.