Aashish Maharjan

The manager of Travel Fantastic, a travel and tour company, Ashish Maharjan says, “I am a whiskey guy and I’ve tried lots of different brands but once Old Durbar hit the streets, I fell in love with it and have been drinking that ever since.” He tells us about his favorite hangout, Durbar Café in Patan Durbar Square. Talking about why he drinks Old Durbar whiskey, he explains, “I like the taste, it is very smooth and it does not burn your throat when it goes down like some other whiskeys do. It is also affordable.” He likes to drink because it has a relaxing effect on him and he likes to chill with his friends after working hard all week, and this is how he starts his night off.

Miyush Maharjan

“Jameson! Hands down my favorite drink right now. I also prefer Signature,” says Miyush Maharjan when asked about his favorite drink. CEO of 13 Steps Designer and an architect by profession, Miyush can be found bar hopping all around Kathmandu. “I do not have a fixed place where I go to enjoy drinking. I like to bar hop around town and stop wherever there is good music and good food; I like to explore a little,” confesses Miyush. He thinks drinking with friends and family is the best thing in the whole wide world. “I usually do not drink alone, I prefer drinking after I come back from work and with a partner, maybe a family member or a friend. You can share your opinions and exchange get ideas and have a good conversation over a drink. What I like about it is the fact that it makes you feel loose and relaxed,” claims Miyush on why he likes to drink.

Rabin Manandhar

It’s a sunny day and what better way to enjoy the day other than with your favorite drink in your hand, lounging next to a pool. That is Rabin Manandhar’s take on the ideal drinking spot; by the pool enjoying a great view. “I like to drink Mojito. A chilled glass with lots of ice, lemon and mint leaves, ginger ale, soda and if it has honey in it, that’s even better. I know it is considered a ladies drink but I enjoy it and so should you,” laughs Rabin. The Director of Sales and Marketing at Hotel Shambala, Rabin Manandhar sees mojito as a healthier option when compared to other alcoholic drinks because of the ingredients. “The mint helps you cool down and gives a certain flavor also; the vodka is considered a lower-calorie alcohol and the lemon rejuvenates your skin. It is also less intoxicating,” explains Rabin. It’s a booster drink for times when you feel lethargic or down. Mojito helps rejuvenate your vigor which is why Rabin likes to drink it. He not only drinks it but also knows where it originated from. “It originated in Cuba and the name of the drink comes from “Mojo” which means “magic”, and it lives up to its name,” he claims.

Prarambha Dahal

Prarambha Dahal is a Sports Journalist who has covered many sporting events traveling all over the globe. He’s written about such events as the FIFA World Cup 2018, Champions League Final 2019 held in Madrid and many others. A graduate from KUSOM and a sports enthusiast, he chooses a different drink for every occasion, depending on the situation. “My favorite drink for all seasons is definitely beer, especially Tuborg. But I do enjoy Jack Daniels (JD) as well as Malibu. I also enjoy drinking authentic Russian vodkas when I am with my family,” explain Dahal. His favorite places to drink are usually in sports bars or pubs while watching exciting sporting events or with friends where there is live music. He says drinking creates a feel good factor and also rejuvenates his senses after week-long, tiring commitments. And what does he want to drink the most? “Nothing else; I’m happy with my beer, but I do want to learn how to brew my own beer,” says Dahal.

Sanjiv Rijal

A businessman residing in Kathmandu, Sanjiv Rijal shares his personal views on drinking in the valley. Rijal is originally from Biratnagar, but went to school in Kathmandu. He has his own business and works in Kathmandu’s real estate market. Rijal says, “My favorite alcohol I would say is beer and vodka. However, I am picky about my brands as I like to stick to them.” His favorite brand of beer is Tuborg but he has more than one favorite brand of vodka: Grey Goose and Absolute. “I like drinking in my own house because I can be very comfortable in whatever way I want. Although I do have a few drinks when I am out at parties, I prefer to enjoy the space of my own home,” he adds. Rijal then gives us the reason he enjoys drinking by explaining, “I think I enjoy drinking because it helps me relax. I can just chill at home. Drink and relax; that’s what I like about drinking.”