Suresh Puri, the Executive Director of Tranquility Spa, is the perfect example of an individual who followed his passion and turned his interests into his profession. After completing tourism studies from NCTTM, Nepal College of Travel and Tourism Management and Hotel Management from Glion Institute of Higher Education in Switzerland, Mr. Puri got interested in the wellness industry and actually signed up for therapeutic massage as part of his studies though it was very expensive and only for twenty minutes. Seeing the therapists making around US $1000 in just a few hours, Puri realized how the spa and wellness industry is growing rapidly in the country and is definitely a highly paid job with respect and dignity. After meeting Mr. Bhuwan Phaiju, the Chairman of Tranquility Spa Group, they thought of expanding their outlets to five-star hotels in the country despite difficulties in the initial years.

Working as an Executive Director, Puri has different roles and responsibilities and mainly focuses on business development and daily operations of all the 15 outlets. Working with Intercontinental Hotel Group, Radisson, Marriott and looking forward to work with Swiss International Hotels and Resorts in their worldwide properties, Puri feels a need of constantly being in touch with all the partners in different continents which sometimes is quite challenging and exciting at the same time. Talking about the challenges, he feels that in this competitive industry where there is a huge demand for spa therapists and beauticians in UAE, Turkey, Cyprus and Cruise lines, it’s very difficult to retain their own therapists and avoid the turnover.

As an entrepreneur, Puri believes hard work and talent is necessary for success but just showing hard work won’t suffice as you need to be equally optimistic, persistent, innovative and resilient. He believes success comes when opportunity meets the preparation. He says, ‘We never planned to work as a partner with a particular five-star property belonging to a certain brand in a particular country. But we are prepared, we’ve visited world class spas and wellness centers, training schools, workshops and we know how to handle the situation. We hire the best professionals when there is a need, we train ourselves and get us ready, so that we can grab any opportunity that may come our way in the future.’

He further adds, ‘We are planning to train thousands of youths and provide employment in Nepal and abroad. After that we’ll focus on opening our wellness centers in Europe, America, South East Asian countries and UAE which will be a completely Nepali brand managed by Nepalis. We’d also like to work closely with Nepal Tourism Board to promote wellness tourism in Nepal which will help to significantly increase the length of stay of tourists and make Nepal popular as a Spa destination.’