The man behind one of the most successful internet and TV service providers in Nepal, Binaya Mohan Saud is the brains behind Subisu. CEO of Subisu Cable Net Pvt. Ltd, Saud relishes the idea of a break during Dashain. Dashain being a family holiday for many of us and one of the major festivals of Nepal, individuals celebrate with gusto and pamper themselves with no guilt attached. But what about when they were kids, childhood memories of Dashain do remain vivid in most people’s mind. Binaya Mohan Saud recalls what Dashain was like during his childhood days.
When asked what Dashain means to him, Binaya immediately answers that it is all about family. “When we talk about Dashain, the first thing that comes to my mind is my family. It is the time when we meet our families and have a good time. We tend to forget about everything else except for family. Which is why I always look forward to Dashain as a means to connect with my family on a deeper level,” he explains. He also goes on to talk about how regardless of how much work and problems and worries there exists during your everyday life, when Dashain comes around, all is forgotten and the only thing that matters is having a good and healthy time with one’s family.
Obviously with time things change and you have more responsibilities and it is the same for someone of his stature. Reminiscing about how he spent Dashain when he was a child, Saud says, “I was big into flying kites. Also, buying and wearing new clothes was something that I was always excited about. I still remember the days when we used to go to New Road to buy new clothes.” But times have changed, these days he is more focused on his family and not on himself, such as taking the kids around town, meeting with family, and just enjoying the whole Dashain as a family. “I still love flying kites and I tend to have my kids around and teach them how to fly them. Also, I am not much into playing cards but I do love it when people come and play cards and its interesting and fun watching others play cards,” he laughs.
When you are a child there is always something that you absolutely love to do during festivals. Similarly, Binaya Mohan’s fondest memory of Dashain is how he would stay awake the whole night celebrating Dashain with his family. “I would not realize the time passing by. Everyone was having fun and laughing and playing cards and just having the time of their life enjoying quality time with each other. It was the day of tika and I vividly remember that day,” he recalls. And as an adult his fondest memory is of taking his kids to fly kites during Dashain.

Every family has a certain tradition for Dashain and so for Saud, receiving the first tika and blessing from his mother’s eldest sister is something that has been going on for many years. He will spend this year’s Dashain with his family and has not planned anything elaborate and extravagant and is very excited to have a good time with his near and dear ones