After celebrating 50 years last month, Mr. Saurabh Jyoti speaks of the progress Honda has made since when it was first brought to Kathmandu. He says, “When it first started 50 years back, the market was very different, very few people used to buy motorcycles, they were considered more of a luxury item. However, now, 50 years later, it’s become more of a necessity.” The market for motorcycles has definitely increased, due to its convenience for transportation. 1968 was when the first 11 units of Honda motorcycles were brought to Nepal, and were sold at Rs.4400 each. Fifty years later, a lot has changed for Honda in Kathmandu. They have built strong long-lasting relationships with their customers, as they decided to give a lot of attention to customer satisfaction. Honda provides 24-hour emergency service, free helmets, and warranty and other facilities for their customers’ convenience. Jyoti says, “It’s not just about providing or selling a product, it’s about selling experience and your relationship with customer. Relationship that continues after sales.” They also focus on the safety of their customers by running a lot of CSI campaigns, starting Asia’s largest safety riding center, where they train people to use motorcycles safely, and raise awareness on road safety. All in all, it is safe to say that 50 years later, Honda in Kathmandu has maintained its reputation as well as improved their growth.