Born and brought up in Bombay, Seema Golchha wanted to be a cartoonist while in school and this was quite apparent from the last few pages of her notebooks which were always filled with cartoons and doodling. After getting married at an early age, Seema has come a long way from just being a housewife by becoming a renowned ventriloquist. With her first show in 2011 in front of 70 to 80 people in the audience, she realized that this was her thing and ever since has been performing in different parts of the world. She is also an in-house comic for Canvas Laugh Club. Having lived in Bombay (now Mumbai) before her marriage, Seema Golchha had a whole new experience when it came to the celebration of Dashain here, and adapting to the Nepali traditions and rituals has been a great experience for her.
Talking about Dashain, which for them was ‘Dussera’ when she lived in Bombay, she recalls how all she got was a one-day holiday there and being from a Jain family, Dashain didn’t really have much significance or importance other than just going to watch Ravan’s effigy being burned which is a common ritual in India. After coming to Kathmandu, the meaning of Dashain (Dussera) totally changed for her and she then tried to blend in with the new setting of Dashain which was quite surprising initially. She says, “I didn’t expect Dussera to be such a big festival here in Nepal. It’s like Christmas out there in the US where people completely stop working and just spend time with their family.”
She remembers, “When I was in Ganbahal here in Golchha House, what was surprising about Dashain was the kite flying ritual that my family here used to enjoy. I remember how they made the ‘Manjha’ themselves at home, put band-aid on their fingers to prevent cuts and competed with each other which used to be so much fun to watch. Not only this, but the way they flew kites was also different here where they mostly use the ‘latai’ to control its flight rather than with the thread which was commonly used by people in India.”

Being in Nepal for the festival every alternate year, Dashain for her is all about travelling, friends, family, food, cleaning and relaxing. Seema also takes vacations with family and friends and has a lot to share about her travel experiences. Over the years, she has been to Phuket, Scotland, the US and particularly Las Vegas, during the Dashain holidays. She also recalls her travels with families to Ghandruk and Namche Bazaar during the Dashain break where she had an unforgettable experience because of the Dashain atmosphere, the weather and the hospitality as well, where every Nepali is very welcoming and wants you to be involved in their celebrations. When she’s in Nepal, the celebration is all about having fun with the family and get-together where she cooks and relaxes. However, among those celebrations she still misses her daughter who has mostly been away for her studies.
Seema says, “Observing the festivities during the last few years of Dashain when I’ve been here in Nepal, I’ve realized that the ambience we used to enjoy is no more. You can still see people moving around outside and some traffic, but there are hardly any kites seen in the sky. However, you still find that celebration mood months before the festival.” She’s already getting the Dashain vibes now and feels that Dashain is already in the air and thus looks forward to plan a trip out to Turkey this Dashain with friends.