Kayo is a studio of passionate artists, designers, craftsman and entrepreneurs contributing in the development of Nepalese art industry. Most of our products are handmade by Nepalese artists and craftsmen. Our designers develop products with an aim to meet the needs of individual customers.   We are promoting the culture of giving gifts and at the same time promoting the skilled artists and craftsmen and unique art industry of Nepal.

Kayo was established in 2017 by two childhood friends Prasanna Kumar Shakya and Sajan Joshi. Together they have carried on with the traditional gift giving culture with a modern touch. While doing this, they are also promoting the traditions artisans and craftsmen. Kayo specializes in handmade customized gifts such as bracelets, key rings, little Jewelleries pendants, brooch, souvenir paper products, décor items etc. But their Signature products are Dog Locket and Handmade Wooden Bowties Every item produced at their studio is unique and personalized to the needs of the customers. Their handmade products, customized products are made out of Nepali paper, Brass, Silver, leather, Copper, Wood and other metal material. One of their major attractions has also been the packaging of their gift items. They understand that to keep up with the competitive market, they need to come up with more creative and innovative ideas and designs. Hence, they can often be seen introducing new products in their instagram and facebook. Through these social media portals, they receive hundreds of queries and orders every day.
Kayo’s product are value for both giver and receivers.  
The name of the studio is Kayo is an inspiration from co-founder Sajan Joshi's grandmother. The word means white clay in Newari Language.