Shark for Safety

Ultra-modern helmets that exceed all safety standards

With more than 25 years of experience, Shark, a French brand has become one of the leaders in the helmet industry. Founded by former professional racers, Shark designs helmets with the goal to ensure the highest level of performance and safety.

The spirit of Shark is to always push the technical boundaries. They continue their research in new exciting innovations ensuring that everyone enjoys the pleasure and freedom of riding safely. From their headquarters in Marseille along with their own factories and more than six hundred employees, SHARK manufactures about 350,000 helmets each year. Their large sales networks of 5,000 outlets distribute SHARK throughout the world.

Safety at the Center of All Concerns

Shark helmets are constructed under ultra-modern, hi-tech performance manufacturing processes placing safety firmly at the center of all concerns. A close working relationship with their racers enables Shark helmets to elevate performance and safety levels under all conditions of use for maximum security.

What makes the difference? They design their helmets to exceed all current helmet safety standards. The consistent test results that have been awarded by the independent SHARP helmet tests are evidence. All SHARK full face models from S700 to Race-R Pro are rated from 4 to 5 stars. A number of quality control tests are carried out in the company's laboratories to ensure optimum quality throughout the production phase. Shark helmets exceed all current safety standards in all the countries where they are distributed.

SHARP (Safety Helmet Assessment and Rating Program) is a control and rating program for helmets. This UK label aims at guiding riders towards the most protective helmets. The tests have been organized by the UK department for transport, and the concept was made by the same department that initiated the NCAP rating in the car industry. All Shark helmets that have been tested show very positive results, demonstrating the merits of their efforts.

Researched, Tried and Tested

Shark has acquired great know-how in their more than 25 years in the business and is constantly challenged to go still further. The Research & Innovation Division based in their headquarters in France is at the forefront of technology and equipment. They use the best performing software, identical to that used in aerospace, the prototypes of which are realized from a last generation 3D printer within their laboratory.

The FEA (digital crash tests) accompanies the design of each new product to simulate the crash tests. It is complemented by the CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) which allows a numerical optimization of the aerodynamics and the penetration into the air of the helmet.

The end user remains at the heart of the development of its products. Shark creates its models on the principle of "Reverse Engineering"; their helmets are entirely designed from the head of the user; the helmet is constructed around it progressively, adding each function gradually. The product is therefore designed with a constant vision of the end user as a guideline, in order to always exceed the most demanding standards and anticipate the needs of motorcyclists. To achieve this, Shark draws on its racing experience and feedback from the most advanced users in each category.






Shark’s Debut in Nepal

Bike Minded Pvt. Ltd., under Jyoti Group has officially brought Shark helmets into the Nepali market. Shark helmets, which are renowned for their design and safety in the international market, will be available at a range of entry level models to flagship models.

Ridill and SX2 are the entry level models, whereas Race-R Pro and Drak are the flagship models of the brand. Especially designed to fit the skull, Drak which was earlier known as Raw is one of the best selling helmets of the brand in Nepal.

Price Range: Rs. 18,000 – Rs. 78,000

Available at: Honda Showroom (Kantipath and Teku, Kathmandu, Nepal)

Contact Info: 01-4435790, 01-4260021, 01-4104517.