International DJ duo Mustafa Alhadeethi and Hamza Alhadeethi aka Twin Rave hail from Iraq and have already created a niche for themselves in the Indian and Nepali club scene. The twins have a unique style and are known for their power packed performances in clubs around Nepal. In conversation with the twins we talk about their initial journey as DJs and how their venture in Nepal has panned out since they first arrived here.

How did you two start out as DJs?
We were very inspired and intrigued by music since we were young. We both grew up listening to our favorite DJs but only started learning and playing it when we joined college. Since then we slowly started out as DJs from small college events and it got bigger from there. 

From Iraq to Nepal how did it happen?
We started playing in colleges in India where we were studying. Most of our friends happened to be from Nepal and after we went professional, we got an invitation to perform here through these friends. That’s how we landed our first gig here in Nepal.

How long have you been here in Nepal?
We have been here since 2015.Our first event in Nepal was at the Victory Lounge and they liked our performance, and that’s how we came to stay. We like Nepal because of the similar taste in music. The music which we love to play is really loved by our audiences here, so it’s a great match. 

What do you think of the party scene in Nepal?
The best part of Nepal is the quality of the clubs which is not there in more than half of Asia. They have modern technologies and amazing audiences and regarding the party scene in Nepal, people here are so lively. 

As clubs were closed due to Covid 19 for a long time, how did you cope with that?
It was a very difficult time for us. We went back to India but before that we had the full support from the club owners for our stay and I am glad that things are getting back to normal. 

The most memorable party you remember as DJs?
It was in two places actually; one in India when we played at the AIIMs College event under VH1 Supersonic. It was one of the biggest events in India. The second was at LOD here in Nepal where every day it’s like a new event for us which is always exciting.

What kind of music do Nepali crowds prefer?
It is mixed and depends on the club but judging from our experience, Nepalis love English commercial music and EDM.

How much has this industry flourished in Nepal since you arrived?
When we started out there was only one club, Victory Lounge, but now the industry has become huge where every DJ wishes to perform in Nepal.

Can you tell us about your overall experience working as DJs in Nepal?
We chose Nepal because of the people. They are very supportive plus it has become one of the best experiences of being a DJ working in Nepal. We were lucky that we chose Nepal.

You have both performed in numerous countries. What are the major differences you have found here in Nepal?
Nepali people love parties; they love music and are open minded. They come to the clubs to feel the music and not just to drink or whatever, unlike in many other countries. 

Now that the clubs are open, how is the party scene at present?
It is amazing how clubs are doing their best when it comes to safety and sanitization protocol. Vaccination cards are compulsory as well, so it is pretty amazing and safe.
How is the current situation within this industry and are there some things you wish that the industry had or changes that need to be made?
As of now, Nepal is more advanced than other countries in the music industry. Just more college events in the future and open events will make Nepal the perfect place for big events. 

Being a DJ seems so cool and glamorous for normal people. What is the reality behind the scenes that normal people are unaware of?
The hard work we put in to make the music to find the suitable tracks for them takes hours and hours before every performance. 

What are the challenges of working as foreign nationals in Nepal, especially working in the night club industry?
Nothing as such, we get really good responses from clubs who want us more. We get a lot of queries because it will be a different experience for them as well.

As the industry is emerging and evolving, there are new generations of DJs coming up. Do you feel the competition growing?
Nothing as such; we actually support the new generation as we did with our Nepali DJs and we would love to see new generations of Nepali DJs emerging in this industry. 

Your favorite Nepali DJ and why?    
There are a lot of them like DJ Finzok, Redmus, Suren because they have special performances, specific music type which makes them special and wanted more in the clubs.