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VETERAN - Pasang Sherpa: Riding is something I can’t live without

Pasang Sherpa, from Bikers Nepal Pvt. Ltd. and Off road Nepal Pvt. Ltd., is a passionate rider who aims to fill the gap in the market with responsible riding gear for both off-road and on-road tours. He runs guided off-road tours in the toughest trails of Nepal for local and international clients on CX2500SE dirt bikes which are imported by Bikers Nepal.

Pasang Sherpa shares his passion for riding and his love for motorbikes with Esparsh Sarawagi.

When did you first start riding bikes and which was the first bike you rode?

It’s been almost twenty years since I first rode a motorcycle. The first bike I rode was probably RX100. After that, I got my hands on a Honda XL250R which was definitely a great experience for me.

Is riding your hobby or is it just for commuting?

Well, riding is indeed my passion and now my passion has become my business. I feel very fortunate that I got to follow my passion as a part of my work.

What do you often do with your bikes?

I try to push my motorcycles’ abilities to the limit most often. Being a bike enthusiast, I tend to do a lot of modification testing with them. I am also always on the lookout for options and reasons to make them look and feel different.

How did biking become your passion?

I think it all began when I started off-road riding. That overpowering feeling you get with the roar of the bike that takes you to places where people dare to take themselves; something that can’t be described in words.

Can you tell us about your bike collection and your favorite among them?

Currently, I own a MV Agusta, Yamaha R1, CX250SE, CRF450X and XR250R. The Yamaha R1 has always been and will always be my favorite.

What do you love about biking?

It gives you the freedom to go where you want.

Which do you prefer, classic or modern bikes? Off-road or on-road?

When it comes to motorcycles, they have their own purpose, place and value. I prefer modern bikes but classics have their own charm. With time, a lot has changed technologically and I think we should go with the flow. As I mentioned earlier, my passion for riding started with off-road so there’s no comparison there.

How can one look like a pro on a bike?

If it’s only about the looks, then you can always wear official MOTO GP RIDING GEAR. It works well safety wise too. Riding like a pro on the other hand is a completely different story.

Name one must have gear for biking?

Helmets of course are a must. If you love riding then you should always invest properly in your gear. They are the essentials that cannot be neglected at any cost and should be worn whenever we go for a ride.

Any advice for wannabe riders out there?

I come across a lot of them and I feel happy to see the passion within them. My advice to them would be to be careful when riding, especially within the city. Always wear proper riding gear and trust your machines only within their limits. Just because you are capable of doing so much more doesn’t mean the motorbike can too. 

Which bike do you wish to add to your collection?

I would love to put my hands on a Triumph Daytona.

VETERAN - Dipesh 'Casper' Shrestha

Brand Manager, Royal Enfield Nepal

How did bikes and biking become your passion?

I have been in love with two wheelers ever since I was a kid. My favorite hobby was cycling, which soon turned into motorbikes as I grew up. I got into the art of riding motorbikes, its balance; and understanding the ride and engine mechanism became a part of my soul. I love and enjoy riding, so even if I don’t really need to go anywhere, I take my bike to just enjoy the ride.

Can you tell us about your bike collection? Which is your favorite?

I don't have a large collection of bikes. I have two and my Royal Enfield is my favorite because of its power and performance. As my stunt ride, I have a unique white ’n green Pulsar 200, which is my love! And it is also one of the most popular bikes.

Do you prefer on-road or off-road biking?

Biking is fun, whether you do it on-road or off-road. But, I prefer off-road biking, because you can experience getting over various obstacles, which is thrilling and enjoyable.

What is the best moment you've shared with your bike?

As a professional rider and trainer of motorbike races and stunts, I have met many students and stunt enthusiasts. I love their passion, and converting them into Moto-sports lovers. My best moments are when they follow my instructions on my bike, as watching your students grow is always good.

Any tips for the aspiring wannabe riders out there?

I'd like to say keep up the good riding spirit. Respect your fellow riders and everyone on the road. Show immense love towards your machine, which is your companion, and also yourself by using proper safety gears. Be a responsible rider.

VETERAN - Ameet 'Maxx' Rajkarnikar

9mm Motorcycle Clothing

Can you tell us about your bike collection and your favorite among them?

I have four motorcycles right now: a Ducati Hyper Motard 796 (2011), a Honda CBR 250R (2011), a Honda CB360 1974, which is still in the making as a café racer and the last one is a Honda CB500 Four 1976, which is also a project I have planned for later on. All of these are my favorites, as I have my sentiments for all of them, and I can never discriminate against any of them.

What is the best moment you have shared with your bike?

It was "Riding at the break of dawn" which took place while I was returning from Pokhara. I'm used to riding mostly in the afternoon, but it was hot at that time in Pokhara. So, I thought I should do it at the break of dawn. It was something I'd never done until then, but there's a first time for everything. So, on that day, I got up at 4.30, packed, geared up, had a cup of tea, and sat watching the fog on Fewa Taal. I did a check on my bike – fuel tank, air pressure, and what not, which I recommend doing before every ride. The weather was perfect, so I revved the throttle, and with my music, I started off. The cool breeze, the perfect empty road and revving the throttle…the rush of adrenaline! The roads are slippery in the morning, but my Pirelli Super Corsa tires kept me on track. I had been on this road quite a lot, so this felt like home. I knew each and every pot-hole and exactly where to brake. The more I revved up, the better I felt. The euphoria of the time could only be described as heaven. In 40 minutes, I had already reached Bandipur. I felt that I had just started, but there I was looking back at the best 40 minutes of my life. As the morning bustled into life, the road and traffic came alive, which is not safe for riding at those speeds. So, I started the rest of my journey slowly.

Which bike suits you more? Classic bikes or modern ones, and why?

For me, it's all about the ride, no matter what I'm on – a classic motorcycle, or modern bike. Riding is about freedom, with the experience of open air, the sun on your face, the sound of the engine, and the view of everything around you. Riding is a built-in passion, no matter what it is. It’s a part of who I am, and what I want to be. Every bike is unique, and as I bond with it, I also feel an inner peace.

Which bike do you have on your wish list?

My wish list is kind of long. The first bike is the Ducati GT1000, followed by the Ducati 1098, and when I reach my fifties, I'd like to own a Ducati Diavel 1200 Carbon.

Any tips for aspiring wannabe riders out there?

If you really want to be a good rider, first, respect your ride, bond with it, learn from the very core and train with heart, no matter how old you are. For riding, age is not a bar, ride hard and ride safe. But no matter what you do, please don't race on the road, it is not a track.

VETERAN - Ashok Maharjan

Stunt Trainer, Riders Unified

Tell us about your bike collection. And which is your favorite?

They are more than a collection to me, they're my life earnings. I earn and I spend it mostly on them. My bike collection includes a Honda Unicorn (Limited Edition), which is my first bike, a Yamaha FZ – my stunt bike, Yamaha DT 50 cc and Royal Enfield Himalayan. My collection started when I used to be fascinated by the mono-shock bikes back then, when they were not very common. So, I like to call this collection my mono-shock family. I don't have a favorite, but my Honda Unicorn could be considered my favorite, being my first.

What is the best moment you've shared with your bike?

Most of my bike moments I would say are my best: the stunt shows and road trips; but among them all, the most memorable one would have to be my solo trip to upper Mustang. It was like a long date, with my Royal Enfield Himalayan.

Has your bike ever "betrayed" you?

I wouldn't call it "betraying", it's more like little tantrums. It's like they sometimes seek undivided attention from me. It so happened that we were coming back from a stunt show in Pokhara and we decided to visit Manakamana and return through the jungles leading to Muglin. But my bike broke down, so I and three other group members were stranded in the middle of nowhere until the evening as we waited for a tractor to come and haul my bike off for maintenance.

What does it take to be a biker?

For the young people of today, a motorbike and a social media account with the word 'Rider' in it would do. But in reality, it takes a lot more than that. In my view, you need to have a lot of knowledge about bikes; not just how to ride it, but how to handle it, and all its features. Love and passion towards your bike is what it takes to be a true biker, because I believe a true biker treats his / her bike like a companion rather than a machine.

YOUNG BLOOD - Ram Bikram Thapa

Where there are wheels, there is a way

Ram Bikram Thapa, the winner of Racemandu 4 in the 100-198cc category and Pulsar Dare Venture Season 2 has a long-term vision of riding and considers it to be his strength. Thapa, who also took part in the team event at the Asia Cup of Road Racing 2016 and 2017 held in Thailand and India respectively, came home with a trophy after securing the third position in India.

Esparsh Sarawagi met up with Ram Bikram Thapa to talk about his future plans and to learn more about his adventurous side.

When did you first start riding bikes and which was the first bike you rode?

I first rode a motorcycle when I was fourteen years old; it was the best day of my life. The bike was a Yamaha Rx100. I still love that Motorcycle and wish to add one to my collection.

Is riding your hobby or is it just for commuting?

Yes, riding has always been my hobby and now it’s like my dream has come true.

Where and when do you go for bike rides?

I often go for a ride during my holidays. I usually go out to the highway. Apart from that, I always try to do something creative with my bike.

How did biking become a passion?

When I was sixteen, I got my first motorbike and it was none other than a Yamaha R15 v1. At that time, I used to go for long rides with my college mates and always used to reach the destination fast and safe which motivated me to ride more and now it has become my passion.

Can you tell us about your bike collection and your favorite among them?

I don’t have much of a collection. I have a Honda CRF250L and a Pulsar 200NS and I like them equally because I love all motorcycles.

What do you love about biking?

Biking is my passion and it has always helped me make new friends across the world. Motorcycles are more like family rather than a friend to me.

Which would you prefer, classic or modern bikes? Off-road or on-road?

I love both classic as well as modern motorcycles but I’ll give preference to modern motorcycles as they have always helped me reach my destination on time. I really don’t get tired of riding whatever the situation, on-road or off-road. I just love to ride. And I believe that “Where there are wheels, there is a way”.

How can one look like a pro on a bike?

A perfect body position on the bike can help you look like a pro. I think anyone who rides a motorbike is a pro as all that matters is your experience and practice.

Any advice for wannabe riders out there?

Ride safe and hard.

Which bike do you wish to add to your collection and why?

As a biker I would love to add some sports bikes though I’m not sure when.

YOUNG BLOOD - Nikhil Thakuri "Akhil"

Business Development Manager, Bikers Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

What is your favorite thing about biking?

When it comes to biking, everything is my favorite. I like the fact that biking is the most versatile form of transport, and not only that, it’s also a source of adventure and thrills. Whichever mode you switch to, or whichever ride you choose, bikers can adapt according to every situation, on any kind of road. Every biker can get the taste of biking on any style of riding. And that is what I like most about biking.

What is the best moment you've shared with your bike?

The best moments I've shared with my bike are while travelling. Wherever I travel, especially to remote areas, on off-roads, on those endurance trails, my bike has helped me acquire a lot of treasured moments in some of the most beautiful destinations in the country. There were a lot of hard times, more than the 'chill' times, with my bike, but every moment with my motorbike is enduring, and has been the best.

Which bike is on your wish list next?

I have the Kawasaki KX450F Motocross on my wish list next.

What does it take to be a biker?

Brotherhood, respect for the ride and your fellowmen, discipline and most importantly, skill is the perfect combination required to be a biker.

YOUNG BLOOD - Anubhav (Orphic R): Enjoying Rides to the Fullest

By Esparsh Sarawagi

Anubhav, a.k.a. Orphic R, has been a moto enthusiast since his childhood and has gained popularity through his moto vlogging skills. For him, every ride is like a new adventure which he wants to enjoy to the fullest. Living caught up with the dynamic rider to learn about his riding experiences and his love for bikes.

When did you first start riding bikes and which was the first bike you rode?

I used to collect bike related magazines since childhood and brag about them to my friends. I first rode a bike when I was thirteen years old. The bike was a Hero Honda Splendor.

Is riding your hobby or is it just for commuting?

If just commuting was the reason, I would have never got into bikes to this extent. It has become more than just a hobby for me.

What do you do with your bikes most often?

Most often, I go on long rides with my colleagues to different undiscovered locations and learn new stunts every time.

How did biking become your passion?

When I was in elementary school, my father used to drop me to school every day. While on the way, I used to sit on the bike’s tank, grab the handle and act as if I was the one riding the bike. Those moments the strong wind would hit me but I broke through them bravely, and built my passion for biking.

Can you tell us about your bike collection and your favorite among them?

At present I don’t have a collection but I do own a 2016 KTM Duke 200.

What do you love about biking?

I love the feeling when I ride as fast as I can go, and the wind tries to separate me from my bike but my love for my bike wins the battle every time.

Which one do you prefer: Classic or modern bikes?

I prefer modern bikes since they are technologically advanced.

How can one look like a pro on a bike?

Wearing a good sharp rated helmet, good quality gloves while riding within the city along with a good riding jacket, shoes and padding when going for long distance rides can help one look like a pro.

One must have gear for biking?

I would say a good quality helmet.

Any advice for aspiring wannabe riders out there.

Ride safe because there are many people riding and walking haphazardly on the streets of Kathmandu.

Which bike do you wish to add to your collection and why?

As I don’t have a collection, I would love to buy the Honda CRF 250 rally and start my collection because it would be very easy for me to go off roads and travel to different parts of Nepal with ease.