The world was a different place before China became the manufacturing factory of the world. There was a time when if you got hold of a pair of Levi’s jeans, you didn’t need to check to see where it was made. You assumed it was made in the US. Enter China, and all the big brands realized they could manufacture their goods in China, ship them back to their country and it would still work out way cheaper than if they were manufactured back home. Of course there are many Asian countries doing the manufacturing for big western brands but China is Number One.

Although China is changing rapidly and it may be cheaper to manufacture in other developing countries, it’s still the leading manufacturer in the world. From iPhones to cheap souvenirs, everything is made in China. It got to a point where China even made an attempt to disguise the fact by writing ‘Made in the PRC’. Wherever you go in the world and no matter what you buy, you seem to end up with products made in Asia and a majority of them come from China.The hats and souvenirs I bought in Hawaii and the AC Milan wollen hat I bought at the San Siro Stadium in Milan were all made in China. This however may change with the trade war between the US and China escalating further.

Here in Nepal the market is flooded with Chinese goods. I had some print outs made the other day at a cyber café and noticed the printer was a well known brand 'Brother', and also has a built -in router. It was made in China. When in Honolulu, we went to Macy's and found the third floor was the upholstery department. There were some exquisite bed sheets which we bought for our sister. They were branded and of exceptional quality but they were also made in China.

People have their own views about such a lopsided trade, where you buy more from China than what China buys from you. Obviously the world buys goods manufactured in China because they are so much cheaper and they seem to produce everything we need. Even the Trump brand reportedly manufactures many of their products there and so does his daughter Ivanka. Why would China buy products that are expensive, except for luxury goods and other items that are not manufactured in their own country? There is a good reason why people buy 'Made in China' and half the time we aren’t given a choice anyway. It’s only after we buy something that we realize where it came from.