If you are planning a fancy dinner for a Friday night with friends that would include drinks and music after a hard week at work, you should consider going to Oskar Bar & Grill.
When entering the semi-open garden of Oskar, an exquisite coffee shop can be seen to your right. On the opposite side is an open patio with a projection screen, and a setting of Morris chairs and table. Then you see a building with transparent glass walls through which light from a gleaming crystal chandelier dazzles you. Pass through the doorway and step indoors which has a typical American Industry design style and the electronic music playing will make you feel like you are in New York City. By now you know you are going to have an amazing experience in this place. 
The first thing you notice is the glowing bar counter and the whole pub area is engulfed in a warm light. A good wine cabinet here includes wine from the US, Australia, Spain, Italy and a wide variety of whisky. I try the Irish Coffee which has comparatively low alcohol content. It was expectedly well made, with great filter coffee, rich whipped cream, and a base of whiskey to round it off; a great choice for a chilly evening or anytime for that matter.

As night fell, the DJ started spinning his discs and the whole restaurant was transformed. It’s a great venue if you are organizing a friends’ gathering. The background wall was decorated with collated football shirts and pictures of famous football stars like Messi. Look up and you will see another big screen hanging on the wall. I can just picture how football fans enjoyed their time here during the world cup and I can still feel their excitement remaining in this bar.

Sitting in the cozy sofa on the first floor, you will get the best view of the whole bar and also the screen. Turn right and there is an extended balcony over the garden below, which is also a good place to enjoy coffee, especially sitting at the corner on a sunny afternoon. You can watch the busy street below from the balcony and relax, reading your favorite book.

If you want to enjoy a meal with your drinks, you’ve come to the right place. They have a pretty extensive menu, but focusing mainly on Italian food and a variety of barbecues. But as we came here to find something special, our choices naturally veered in that direction and ordered the chief recommendations.

Our dinner started off with Oskar Pizza, a very cheesy and tasty starter. I had quite high expectations because of the name Oskar, and I wasn’t disappointed. Fragrant cheese, grilled bacon, roast chicken, they were matched well with each other; simple and delicious. Also it’s a large plate, which is great for a dinner party with friends.

The second course consisted of Chicken Stew, one of the most popular main courses here. This dish has brown rice and chicken cooked with brown sauce and potatoes, and garnished with chopped scallion. The chicken was tender and juicy, and the brown sauce added a strong aroma to the chicken and rice. It’s also a great choice for a quick lunch or dinner if you are short on time.   
We then ordered Dukka Grill Prawn to go with the drinks. Don’t forget that it’s a bar and grill house. And it turned out to be a good choice, as the fresh taste of  prawn from Thailand and the flavor of a special condiment sauce made by the chef conjured up something special. Super tasty, it also has a tableside salad with romaine lettuce and tomatoes. Contrary to people’s expectations, Oskar Bar & Grill is not only about drinks and barbecue, but also serves some great dishes and excellent coffee.