By Regina Jiang

Mheecha, simplicity in backpacks
If you want to talk about the current favorite casual backpack brand in Nepal, you simply cannot ignore Mheecha. A local backpack brand, Mheecha was started in June 2016 with a vision to create awesome backpacks. Keeping prices affordable for even students, Mheecha strives to work towards creating exceptional products locally and to increase its appeal internationally.

The Mheecha backpack has two distinctive features. The first is its simple design. The design philosophy of Mheecha is minimalism and they keep things simple as much as they can while designing their products. But it's amazing how simple designs can still impress customers. Cutting out the intricate patterns and decorations, Mheecha uses color collisions and splicing to enhance their products. This kind of design will make you feel fashionable and trendy, but not ordinary.

On the other hand, the high quality of Mheecha is remarkable. Anyone who has ever used a Mheecha backpack will know that you can use it to carry everything you want, with little or no damage, because they have a designated QA team that thoroughly QA’s each section of the backpack when manufacturing, which keeps the standards very high. What’s more, while they enter the packaging and finishing of the products, there is a final QA before packing it and adding it to their inventory. And the main material of Mheecha bags is Nylon fabric from local vendors. If you're passionate about well-designed products, and the damage your backpack usually suffers is large, you absolutely need a Mheecha backpack.

DOCHAA,A collision of Nepali culture and colors
Referring to the perfect integration of Nepali traditions and history, DOCHAA is among the best of local brands in Nepal. DOCHAA is a local shoe brand with characteristic features. They hope to put Nepali culture into modern use. After a two-year thoughtful study, DOCHAA was established officially in 2017. They design and manufacture characteristic cloth shoes with comfortable Nepali fabric and help bring the unique Nepal culture to the world. And now their product can be easily found on the streets.

“People make shoe contact before eye contact.” That is one of the reasons why DOCHAA makes shoes of cloth, and it also fits the slogan of DOCHAA perfectly, “Embody your identity”. Each pair of shoes of DOCHAA has their own name; not only do you have your identity, but also your shoes. The other feature of DOCHAA is the relatively unified style of the shoes. They seem a little monotonous at first sight, but then you will know that this is what makes DOCHAA what it is. The pattern on the shoes is the most essential factor and the artists who design the patterns are from all over Nepal which brings Nepali art to the manufacturing process. Whatever your age, as long as you are interested in Nepal culture, you will find your own Nepali style in DOCHAA

JuJu Wears, a pioneer in printing designs
JuJu Wears is a Nepali brand that is very familiar to Nepali people as they’ve heard of it or seen it often. With affordable prices, JuJu Wears is growing fast, and its main target is the Nepali people. It is no exaggeration to say that you can see people wearing distinctive printed T-shirts all over Kathmandu and all the T-shirts have different colors, styles, and designs, but often, “JuJu Wears” is printed on the back. Their main sellers are distinctive, cleverly designed t-shirts, such as "Dark Side of The Momo".

In addition to the unique patterns and designs, they have high quality, not only in the manufacturing but also in printing technology. JuJu wears are made of natural fibers, like cotton, bamboo, and hemp. Moreover, from designers to manufacturers, everything is about Nepal. Their products are not just T-shirts. They focus on listening to consumers' feedback and making products according to their needs, which is one of the important factors that make JuJu Wears so popular. Juju Wears is trending tuday.

YAVIE, a rookie in the Nepali bag market
As a new Nepali brand, Yavie is getting more popular among the Nepali people. They started bag design and bag manufacture as a family business from 1989. The owner, as well as the head designer of Yavie, Yogen Tuladhar took over the manufacturing business from his father in 2004. With over thirty-years of manufacturing experience, it was given its own exclusive name Yavie in 2019. The new brand shows surprising developmental potential and novel design styles.

Compared with the former business model, Yavie attaches more importance to the bag design, instead of simply production and sales. In terms of products, Yavie focuses on casual backpacks and modern tote bags, which are all well designed. The color scheme of backpacks is relatively low-pitched, which is suitable for people who need to carry it every day. And the design lays emphasis on the merging of practicality and looks. Most of the bags have new fangled design details. For instance, some of the backpacks have a unique headphone faucet which allows people to use their wired headphones without having to use their hands. And the ladies’ bags have exquisite inner bags, which is very user friendly and handy. Yavie aims to provide high-quality products at cheaper price to the Nepali people.