5 Apps that you might want to use

Pocket Casts - Pocket Casts is an app that users can sign up for with online podcasts where users can listen to audios usually in the form of series where the next episode of the podcast will be downloaded if there is a subscription. In Pocket Casts however, users don’t need to commit to a podcast and can listen to them without subscription and once users buy the app, all podcasts are free to listen to. The app also syncs the users podcasts across all platforms so they can continue listening to their chosen podcast using different devices. This app is perfect for those looking to start listening to podcasts as it is a popular hub for many captivating series that users can listen to at anytime using any device.





Reddit - Reddit in a social news aggregation and discussion website where people can rate web contents. Members can submit links, images and videos in different “subreddits” that are on a variety of topics such as movies, news, science, fitness, books and more. The content is then “up voted” or “down voted” by other members that rate the popularity of the post (most popular posts that were up voted appear on the front page of the sight). After the users account has been activated for 30 days, they can also create their own subreddit. This app has thousands of different communities that anyone can be a part of with connections to others who share the same interests.



VSCO - VSCO is a photography mobile app which allows users to take photos and edit them using various tools and filters such as saturation, contrast, clarity, temperature and more. Users can also get the VSCO presets that are edited filters created by other users. There is also a VSCO feed that allows users to view each other’s edited pictures and a discover tab that includes different pictures that the user might like that is chosen according to the “mood” of the users style of editing. Users can also communicate with each other to spark creative conversations by reviewing each other’s edited pictures and create new ideas. This app is used by millions of people who use it to edit and share their creations.






Twitter - Twitter although in use for a long time, is worth mentioning here for its enormous popularity. It is another popular social networking service where users post and interact with written messages known as “tweets”. Users can also add a hash tag in front of a keyword of interest so users can search the word and find other posts that discuss the same topic. Twitter is another well designed app where users can discuss anything from a range of politics to entertainment and shows you the latest world events and news the fastest. It is aimed to “spark a global conversation” by bringing the most recent world events happening now to users.





Netflix - Netflix is a popular media service provider that has a vast library of movies and television programs that is currently in 190 countries around the world and is also the world's most popular Internet entertainment service. There are three plans users can pay for monthly: basic, standard and premium which have different features available for different prices. Users can enjoy unlimited viewing of their global content of films and television programs without commercials and additionally, new content is also added to Netflix every month. Users can download the content to watch later without Internet connection. It is the perfect entertainment streaming service.