Samir Ratna Bajracharya, the Director of ‘Swayambhu Ratna and Sons’ at Kalimati, has been in the business ever since he followed in his father’s footsteps. The jewelry shop has been around since 1981. He is currently working on analyzing different designs and modules regarding market demands and systemizing the working processes. Samir is an all-time watch collector and his love for luxury watches seems to increase with each passing year. The Swiss luxury brand ‘Girard-Perregaux’ which he recently purchased is one of his most precious. Bajracharya talks to Esparsh Sarawagi and reveals what the watch means to him.
What are some of the essentials for a man today?
Talking about essentials, honesty and doing a good deed is a must. But in terms of wardrobe essentials, a good watch, a good pair of shoes, sunglasses and a vibrant smile changes a man into a gentleman.
How important is time in your life?
For me, time is stronger and more powerful than anything else in the world. Thus, I try to value and respect the importance of time every single moment in my life and make sure I utilize it in the most fruitful way I can.
When did you start wearing watches and at what age did you first own a luxury watch?
I was fond of watches since my childhood. I guess I got my first watch at the age of four as a gift from my dad. Collecting watches later turned into a passion as well as an interest and with the years down the line, I finally possessed my first luxury watch at the age of 22.
How many luxury timepieces do you own today?
I currently own five luxury timepieces which includes Rado, Tissot, Seiko, Longines and Girard- Perregaux the latest aquisition.
What is it about Girard-Perregaux that drives you close to this brand?
I am very dedicated to vintage watches and so I always aspire to look for similar brands which have a prestigious history. GP is one such brand which adds to a prime collection of watches with a great history and that drives me close to this brand.
What’s special about Girard-Perregaux that one cannot find in other brands?
The name itself is very special with the history of two centuries of craftsmanship. It is regarded as a top- tier Kering brand. Each November the brand runs their white ribbon campaign to raise awareness on violence against women.
How does Girard-Perregaux assist you in your professional life?
Girard- Perregaux is an elegant and classy watch to wear with my suit; it gives me the feeling of professionalism and luxury and motivates me to work harder and fulfill my possession of watches.
How has your perception for Girard-Perregaux changed since you started wearing this?
It has always been a dream to own a Girard- Perregaux watch and I feel after wearing it my perception for the brand has become much more versatile and my admiration for this watch has increased due to the respect and confidence it provides.
What is Girard-Perregaux to you?
It’s a luxury for me; a luxury that I want to earn from this brand. Now it’s a prestigious jewel from a most successful brand. Comfortable yet classy with a hint of vintage!
What advice would you give to luxury watch seekers?
To luxury watch seekers, I would like to say that a watch like this is an investment for a lifetime, so choose wisely, do your research and go for the brand you love. At the end of the day, there should not be any regrets and you should feel comfortable and confident