James Franco, Dave Franco, Seth Rogen, Josh Hutcherson.

The Basics

It’s about the making of “Citizen Kane of Bad Movies”–The Room, and its creator Tommy Wiseau. James Franco sinks his teeth into the oddball that is Tommy Wiseau while Dave Franco plays co-star and friend, Gregg Sistero. The Room was so bad it was hilarious, and achieves a cult-status in Hollywood Cinema.

What it’s About

Any film-aficionado will tell you just how fun The Room is and though it’s horrible and tasteless in many ways, its creator Tommy Wiseau is a cinema-legend! James Franco plays Tommy methodically and retains his flat-out bizarreness in a slavishly comedic manner. Brother Dave Franco is the handsome and young Gregg Sestero, a wannabe-actor who befriends Tommy at an audition and then sets off to Hollywood to make his dream come true. Then, all sorts of goofy stuff happen and The Room, a really horrible script by Tommy surfaces and begins production with Tommy doing everything! Where such an oddball like him gets all the money for the resources is a total mystery just like his nationality.

James Franco deserved a nomination for what is surely the best performance of his career (too bad about the scandal!). He bites into Tommy’s eccentricities and oddness, his joys and sadness, and his total madness! Brother Dave Franco also shines as Gregg, an aspiring actor whose dreams are bigger than his reality. What the pair set out to do and how they achieve what they achieve is a very funny, moving, and inspiring Hollywood tale!


Totally watch this movie! It will make you cringe and it will also make you laugh your heart out whilst surprisingly moving you at the same time. Also, stay for the end-credits.