Piyanka Karki has been in the film industry for nine years now and has showcased her talent in multiple fields be it as an actor, singer, VJ or even as a director with her new web series “Just Another Love Story”. She has always been in the limelight as a Nepali personality with the highest followers on Instagram and also for her sassy fashion sense. Esparsh Sarawagi had a quick chat with the talented actress to learn about her favorites that she values most in her life

“I call her ‘Snowy’ and she’s been with me since she was three months old. I was in America then and when I came back, I brought her from there because of the attachment I developed with her. Now she’s eight years old and I feel she’s my loyal companion who doesn’t judge me. ‘Bella’ is my other pet who is just 50 days old and is like a friend for Snowy.”

Portrait with
my brother

“This picture is very special as it was taken when my brother and I were both in the US for some time. It’s been long since we’ve met each other. Back in 2007, when I was in America, my brother was here and when I came back in 2011, he went to America. It’s 2019 now and I guess it’s the longest long-distance relationship one can ever have and I share that with my brother. We don’t get to click more pictures together and whenever I click one, it really becomes very special and this is one of them.”


“All my awards are very special to me and I guess I pretty much have every award that has been given by our Nepal Government to the Nepali film industry. I received my first award in the first year itself when I entered the industry which gave me motivation to work harder in the years to come. I cannot pick out any special one but one of the most precious awards is from the Nepal Film Critics Award for my movie Suntali and is all because of the love from my audience.”

Moments with

“Ayush has been one of the most important people in my life. Ever since he came into my life, he has filled my life with happiness and I feel it has changed very beautifully. These pictures are just some of those memories that always bring a smile to my face whenever I think about them.”

Wall of Love

“I have personally designed this wall with my DIY skills where I’ve tried to include the pictures of all my favorites and loved ones in my life: My dogs, family, friends, childhood memories, close relatives and everyone who has been with me throughout my life.”