Itchya Karki, beauty esthetician and actress, is one of those personalities who find fun and enjoyment in everything they do. Bubbly, gorgeous and multi-talented, Itchya is also quite active in her Youtube channel where she shares the most engaging content related to beauty and entertainment. Apart from this, she also runs her show ‘Workmania’ in YOHO TV and is no doubt an inspiration to most people. She has shown that with hard work, you can surely achieve your goals. Itchya revealed to ESPARSH SARAWAGI her favorites things which she values most in her life.

The Beauty Bar Spa Salon & Academy
“The Beauty Bar” is not just a workplace for me but I would rather prefer to call it my passion. It’s my baby! The store has been my dream project and I have always been so passionate about making this the most happening place in town. Whenever I am here, it doesn’t feel like I’m working. Thus it’s very important to me.”

Wedding album
“For every lady, her wedding is one of the most important milestones in life and it’s the same for me. The wedding pictures bring back all the sweet memories with my hubby and it kind of strengthens our bond every time we go through it. I haven’t really disclosed my wedding album before and it’s the first time I am sharing it publicly.”

Chocolate Cake
“Who doesn’t like eating chocolate cakes? Chocolate makes you happy and even science says that it increases the level of serotonin in the brain. Whenever I feel happy or sad, I crave for chocolates and I guess that’s for most of us. So, it’s one of my favorites that I can’t live without.”

Modern Indian School
“I did my schooling here and I have crazy memories associated with the place. I am still friends with my buddies of MIS and I guess this is what matters the most to us. That was the time when I was truly who I was; the real me without any work pressure and any type of stress. I really miss my MIS days and that moment is always the most precious moment of my life.”

National award to Dad
“My Dad received a national award from the King which is a star-like badge. Every time I see that, it makes me proud of my dad and gives me the motivation to work more and do the best in whatever I do. That’s one of my favorites because whenever I get bored with my job or I am stressed out, I look at that and it gives me a boost.


The bridal crown
“The crown was a gift from my mom on my wedding day. It made me feel like royalty on my big day and she chose the design herself. More than the material thing, my mom’s emotion was attached to it and it’s really very special to me.”