Hot Springs that’ll soothe your cold bones


Before the days of spa treatments, wellness seekers headed out to the natural hot springs and came out feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. It wasn’t just the healing effect of these natural wonders but also the picturesque locations they are located in. So any person visiting a hot spring is sure to return, uplifted and regenerated to take on life


1. Blue Lagoon, Iceland?

The Blue Lagoon is one of the most magical places, with its volcanic rocks, electric green moss and streaming waters, making it a very popular tourist attraction. People who visit it feel that the benefits of Blue Lagoon are otherworldly and very healing. A clear improvement in many skin conditions are seen after a few dips. Apart from this the location is also very calm and beautiful.

2. Pamukkale, Turkey

The 17 tiered pools of Pamukkale (“cotton castle” in Turkish) is where large deposits of calcium form a white coating on the cotton candy colored cliffs. The water here is compared by many to champagne because of the unique tiny bubbles that float up from the ground. These milky blue thermal pools serenely overlook the Denizli plains in western Turkey.

3. Kusatsu Onsen, Japan

Onsen is Japanese for hot springs and baths. This mountain town in central Japan is one of the oldest hot spring sites in the country. Near Kusatsu there is one active volcano and two dormant ones, that’s why there are more than 100 springs and baths in Kusatsu with claims of travelers soaking here as early as 2nd century.


4. Deception Island, Antartica

The thermal bath at the Deception Island is due to the active volcano a little off the coast of Antarctica. A confusing tourist destination where the unique mélange of hot and cold led to the creation of the Deception Island. The heat is below the surface so visitors usually dig into the black sand beaches to feel the geothermal heat after taking a polar lunge in the sea.

5.Huanglong National Park, China

The Huanglong Valley is called a Fairy Land on Earth and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is known for housing the giant panda population, snowy mountains, travertine landscapes and crystalline hot springs. The crystal clear pools of water cover an area of 3.5 kilometers accompanied by an ancient Buddhist temple that sits atop the valley.