Sanjay Gupta, a well-known media personality who has been doing anything and everything
in the field of media from radio, television, films to hosting multiple shows and events. He is also a style icon whose style is edgy. He’s also one of those people who don’t shy away from trying unconventional looks at times. One wouldn’t be wrong in saying that he can pull off a pair of jeans and a simple tee with as much panache as he does when wearing designer clothes. In a brief interview with Living, Sanjay Gupta elaborated on what makes him stylish and what it all means to him:

What is fashion to you?
Basically, there are two different angles to fashion. First, what makes you feel comfortable and second, what other people perceive about your style. This is what I keep in mind when I wake up every morning and decide whether I want to be comfortable or I want to go out being stylish. There are times when I don’t feel comfortable but I wear it for society. For instance, I dislike wearing leather shoes but I wear it just for the sake of wearing it. This is how I see fashion.

Describe your personal style in three words.
Convenient, elegant and smart!

What is your go-to-style choice for formal and informal events?
From wearing a lungi to wearing daura suruwal and suits, I have worn everything. When I was up in Manang, I was wearing a ‘Manage’ dress. I even wore a German attire called Lederhosen when I was there. So, I would say my outfit totally depends on where I am and what I am trying to do.

What would we find in excess in your wardrobe?
I have more than 50 suits with different colors and patterns including a pink suit which most men might not wear.

Some of your favorite places to shop?
When it comes to suits, I get my suits done from two places. One is this local guy from New Road who does my suits and the other place is “Siyo Dhaago”. These are the best choices for me when it comes to getting a custom suit in Nepal. I have no doubts about this. When it comes to casual wear, I usually get them outside Nepal whenever I travel to any country. It depends on which part of the planet I am. You can really find the cheapest yet good things at Zara and H&M. If I have to buy anything inside the country, I would directly hit Bhatbhateni, UFO or make a round of Durbar Marg and I am always sure I will find something.

One style item you would never wear?
I am the kind of person who believes in Never say never!’ I will always try things even if they suck.

Two men with exceptional sense of style?
Johnny Depp and Bhushan Dai.

Some of your favorite brands
There are some Nepali brands I would like to mention. For watches, Alma Arts is a company that produces really good stuff designed in Nepal. I have seen Latido grow from nothing to a renowned brand and I love their products. When it comes to jewelry and accessories, it’s all by AAMO Nepal. I can guarantee you they are the number one jewelry designer in Nepal. Similarly, for t-shirts and casuals, I prefer two brands; Urban Yeti and JUJU Wears. And yes ‘Sabah Nepal’ for their authentic Nepali designs.

How do you accessorize your look?
It all depends on my mood and the plans for the day. Every day, I have two-three meetings on average. So, let’s say, I am meeting a CEO, I’ll make sure I throw a jacket in my car so that I look presentable according to the circumstance. If you check my car, you will find at least 3 shoes (leather, casual and running), 2 spare tees and 2 jackets. Those are always there as I am unsure what might come up later in the day.

A favorite color that is prominent in your wardrobe?
I love the golden but I barely have anything in golden in my wardrobe. I love all the rainbow colors. I would say I have all colors of converse. As a man, I love the color black.

If you were to swap your wardrobe with someone, who would that be?
Rehan Shrestha is one of those guys who wear really amazing stuff. It would be him.

Most experimental outfit you have worn?
There were two instances when I experimented with my outfit. First was in 2015, when I wore this golden jacket with floral patterns done on a national stage. And, the second one was a golden-colored daural suruwal that I wore for Visit Nepal 2020.

Two things women find irresistible in men.
Smell and a well-maintained body.

Personality tips for young men aiming to be stylish.
Grooming and other things we know. The only advice I want to give is: try to stay fit both physically and mentally by doing some kind of exercise every day.