Men have a limited wardrobe compared to women who can wear anything from a sari to kurti to shorts, jeans, minis, long skirt, gown, lungi and more. Men have shorts, trousers or kurta and suruwal! Then there’s t-shirts or shirts; half sleeve or full sleeve and there’s nothing much else. So it usually boils down to formal, casual, night out, summer wear or winter clothes!

Men’s Formal Wear

For formal wear a man would need at least one black suit but adding a little color can change your style making you look unique. Earthy colors such as beige and tan can work really well making your suit the center of attention. Opt for an unstructured suit as it will be comfortable and easy for dressing up by adding accessories such as a tie or a bow tie and cufflinks. A blue suit is also a great choice as it can be worn for any formal occasion. For example, a darker shade or a blue patterned suit can be worn for a formal night while a lighter blue suit can be worn for a more formal or casual wear and maybe for a cocktail dinner.

Men’s Casual Wear

A pair of sporty shorts and a baseball cap can be worn for a casual everyday look. However, you can change your look with crew jumpers and denim jeans for a chilly day. Hoodies, jumpers and sweatshirts are crucial in a wardrobe for everyday wear as different combinations can be worn. Another simple option for a casual day out is a bold colored hoodie or sweatshirts such as blue or red, paired with some light wash blue jeans and a pair of sporty sneakers. A simple rule one should follow for casual wear is that generally, contrasting colors are key to casual wear, so try to opt for a light colored top with darker jeans.

Men’s Night-Out Wear

Blue jeans are the obvious choice for a casual night out as it can be paired with anything. However, for a more ‘smart casual’ night look, dark jeans and a polo t-shirt can be worn. A pair of simple trainers can also put together your outfit for a night-out. For a cool and relaxed look, a white t-shirt with a bomber jacket and light colored chinos is super on trend but if you are going for a more edgy look, a black leather jacket paired with a white t-shirt is always a safe bet as this can be the perfect look for a date night. Another simple night outfit can be some distressed jeans and a graphic tee.

Men’s Summer Wear

For summer wear, lightweight fabrics should be worn not just for comfort but also for a light look. Chino Shorts are an essential part of men’s summer and casual wear as it is a neutral option but with bold colors such as navy or maroon, it can add new life to your wardrobe. Additionally, simple t-shirts with patterns such as a striped t-shirt can also be worn with pastel colored khaki shorts. Light linen button up shirts can also be worn but keep it simple by choosing simple colors as they are the staples during summer. Short sleeve patterned shirts can be worn for a ‘vacation’ look as Hawaiian shirts with floral patterns can be a great look as well. As for shoes, you can never go wrong with a pair of white vans.