By Jewel Zhu

There must be countless restaurants to choose from but here are some of the best.

Traditionally, many Nepalis don’t really eat breakfast but have one big meal before leaving home, a snack in the afternoon and the other one for dinner. But changing work schedules and lifestyles are making more and more people choose to eat breakfast; it is not only a morning meal, but also boosts your energy and lifts your mood. So, where to for breakfast people? We checked out four restaurants that are considered good for your first meal of the day!
Bon appétit! 

Yala Café 
Even this early, we were exposed to the cruel sun on the streets of Thamel, sweating already and looking for respite. Here comes Yala Café to the rescue. Surrounded by greenery in a quiet alley, it is peaceful. There are just a few seats in a small courtyard outside. Trace the aroma of coffee wafting out of the café, then find a seat to get ready for breakfast. 

Neither of us was in a good mood for a brand-new day until we had coffee and breakfast. The mild smell of Nepali organic Arabica beans can easily win you over with its great favor, not to mention the fresh taste. The popular Eggs Benedict is served with sautéed ham and vegetables along with poached eggs topped with Hollandaise sauce. Or there is Nepali Simple Breakfast if you prefer the local flavor. 

The menu is a mixture of western and Nepali tastes to create variety and meet the needs of a range of customers. Owners come from the adventure and hospitality industry and know what tourists want. “We experience first, then we serve,” says Durga KC. 
Location: Kwabahal, Thamel Marg, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal
Contact: +977 980-1169212

Café Soma 
Enter the portal of Café Soma, you will be teleported to a hip café like in western countries. A few neat tables are placed outdoors while there is quiet space inside, surrounded by a great selection of English books. It’s not only a perfect place for breakfast, but also for work or just spending the day with a cup of coffee.

Mainly focusing on American and British breakfast, Café Soma offers both light and heavy breakfast sets. Smoked Salmon, scrambled eggs and toast come as a great choice if you are tired of chicken, bacon or ham. A glass of seasonal pure juice brings a fresh taste to your tongue and palate. Except for common breakfast sets, you can also get yogurt with honey, seasonal fruits, and walnut if you are looking for high satiety.

Named after Soma, a plant from which people gained energy in ancient times, Café Soma prepares the food to empower people to start a day with a nice fulsome breakfast.
Location: Patan (Lalitpur) / Baluwatar
Contact: 01-5528732 / 01-4415792

1905 Suites & Restaurant
1905 Suites & Restaurant is located by the roadside in Naxal, except the fact that you have to walk through lots of greens before you see the tables. Everything is simple, but not simplistic, in line with a return to nature. Seats with soft cushions, wood floors, breeze, and greens around all come to welcome the rising sun.

If you want a special morning, then Huevos Rancheros is a must-try.The name of the classical Mexican breakfast doesn’t define it—there is a little twist of Nepali taste on,served with 2 sunny side eggs, chili beans, salsa, grilled sausages, homemade pita bread, roasted potatoes, and salad. Compared with English breakfast that is commonly offered, Huevos Rancheros is not so heavy but enough for starting the day. If not, let fluffy pancakes and the sweet honey melt in your mouth. 

Most of their food are organic, such as vegetables, honey, homemade bread, and other ingredients. If they grab your heart, go to the Organic Farmers Market held on every Saturday in the restaurant and stock up fresh food for the following mornings!
Location: Narayanchaur, Naxal
Contact: 01-4411348

Café Swotha
Less is more. I didn’t understand this saying until I came into Café Swotha. It has limited space, with less than ten tables, simple but not empty.
Items in it tell the stories. The 70-year-old Newari residence was renovated, with both the imprint of the past retained and modern pursuit of nature. It’s one of the gems along with all historical temples and local bazaar in the heart of this medieval city.

Instead of quantity, quality is the main thing that Café Swotha focuses on. In addition to items on the menu, it offers seasonal specials listed on the blackboard. Nepali breakfast served with roti, beans curry, Juju Dhau, pickles, and fresh fruits is also on service if requested. Take a soft roti, dip some curry and have it with fresh pickles—this is how you can taste layers of flavors. The Not So English Breakfast is a hearty breakfast set if you are in the middle of light and heavy breakfast.

Location: Swotha Square, Ward No. 11, House No. 748, Lalitpur
Contact: 01-5551184