Pranaya Ratna Sthapit is the head of the mobile division in Samsung Electronics Nepal. He has been working for Samsung Nepal for five years and has been trying to expand the electronics market in Nepal. Previously he worked in sales and marketing for Bottler’s Nepal. Nepal has always been a bit behind in terms of gadgets and electronics. Changing that norm is what Sthapit is really passionate about. Samsung also launched their new Note 10 series on 27th August 2019. Pranaya Ratna Sthapit talks to Ishaan Rijal about the new and amazing features on the Note 10+.
What do you think of the new Samsung Note 10+?
Samsung is the only company that has phones in the low budget category as well as the high end models, which are the S series and the Note series. In association with that, the best product is the Note series. This year Samsung has launched two variants of the Note, which is the Note 10 and Note 10+. The best feature in the Note 10 series is the S pen. Note 10+ comes with a 6.8-inch cinematic screen while the Note 10 has a 6.3-inch immersive display screen.
In this day and age, how important is it to have a smartphone?
I think it is really important to own a smartphone these days. Smartphones help us in various aspects in life. For example, Google Maps is one of the best apps created. It helps us get to any place by using our smartphones. It has completely taken over the GPS market as today we prefer to use our phones over maps or GPS devices. Not just that, smartphones also help us connect with all our friends and family all over the world. So yes it is really important to have a smartphone in this day and age.
What are some special features in the new Note 10 and Note 10+, which are different from the previous models launched by Samsung?
The Note 10+ comes with four cameras. One of the camera’s is a depth vision camera which allows the 3D rendering. The camera also features both wide lens and an ultra wide lens, which allow better picture quality. The phone also features an Ai game booster, resulting in better performance as games are played on the phone. Previous models had an issue of heating up when customers used them for a long period of time. In this model a vapor cooling system has been added to help prevent the heating up of the Note 10 and Note 10+.
What can we expect in the future from Samsung?
Well Samsung is already the number one player in the Nepali market. So what we want to bring in Nepal is a timely launch. We have already worked to launch new devises in Nepal, however now we are working on the time. We want our customers to expect the products to be launched in Nepal at the same time they are launched in the rest of the world. Another thing we are working on is the pricing. Pricing is a very important aspect and we would want to make sure that customers are paying the universal price. Previously, when the new models came to Nepal, there would be a bit of a price difference. We are trying to remove that price difference and we want to launch new products in the same price they are launched in the rest of the world.