Anushka Shrestha, Miss Nepal World 2019 and the Co-Founder & CEO of Makkusé, has been proving her mettle with her work and creativity. Busy with her Sindhupalchowk project which was a part of her ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ title where her team is currently focusing on the digital capacity building, she is also working as a Regional Manager for an Australian public university where she looks after their Nepal operations. 
Anushka’s Instagram is chock-full of makeup inspiration, especially if you love glowy, dewy skin and dramatic brows. The one takeaway you don't want to miss: good skincare serves as the perfect base for flawless makeup. She is ready to try anything in the name of balanced, clear skin. But do you know that apart from a healthy diet and rigorous workout routines, Anushka does follow a routine and if you follow it strictly, it will not only be a huge add-on to your self-care sessions but will also help you with the blinding glow you have been seeking!

How conscious have you been when it comes to skincare?
I guess it’s gotten a lot better. If you’d ask me three years ago, it was nothing. Literally, not even sunscreen. When we were in high school, we didn’t have the consciousness to define a moisturizer or foundation. It used to be only about ‘Fair & Lovely’ back then as a product to use whenever I stepped out. Now, I’ve started appreciating my skin a lot more. I never had very clean and flawless skin. It was strawberry- skin as they say with small bumps on my cheeks. However, that never affected me and I was never conscious of it. It was only after I moved to Australia that I started investing in skincare. Although I couldn’t notice visible changes at the beginning, the skin care routine surely felt good. When I started makeup, I happened to start it with a heavier note initially. Now, I’ve started backtracking and understanding the type of makeup as per my skin. Especially after joining the pageant industry, with regular heavy makeup happening, skincare has been an integral part of my life- I now have regular facials, and am a lot more conscious and accepting of my skin.

What is beauty according to you?
Beauty in the larger sense is obviously happiness because it’s all about feeling beautiful. As they say, when you are feeling good, your skin radiates from inside. For me, beauty is happiness. Sometimes, you might have the best makeup on, but you just don’t glow. So, it's always important to feel healthy and the beauty follows automatically. 

A beauty tip learned from the Instagram trend?
Matching foundation for your skin color. As we tend to get tanned, our skin tone often changes. Something I learnt from the Instagram trend is to match it with my tone. What I do is I get a lighter shade foundation that suits me and then mix it with a darker contour crème in a way that it matches my skin tone. 
Something you never miss doing for glowing skin before going to sleep?
I am most particular about removing all my makeup and keeping my skin clean before I go to bed. No matter how tired I am or how hectic my day has been, I always make it a point to take it off. I use coconut oil, rub it on my face and then wipe and remove my makeup. I then use a facewash followed by a moisturizer if I am feeling bare minimum. When I’m feeling fancy, I use serum, under-eye cream with some other additions. 

Makeup hacks you follow on a daily basis
I have an under 4-minute makeup routine that I follow on a daily basis. The quickest I’ve got ready was in 3 minutes that too in a moving car. This was during the Miss Nepal time, when I was required to go for a meeting and I just came out of a dental appointment. I had nothing on my face. So, I’ve understood that once you are comfortable with your skin, the routine doesn’t take time. 
I begin with a moisturizer and foundation. Currently, I am using the foundation from Esteé Lauder. For moisturizer, I feel Ralycos is doing quite well in Nepal. Whatever foundation I have, I apply it under my eyes. Now, it’s the compact powder time. I’m currently using the compact from MAC Cosmetics.  I think blush is quite underrated but it can really make you look alive. I use the blush from Tarte Cosmetics.
After that, I fill my brows with a brown eye-shadow from Ardell and put on brown eyeliner.  I quickly get the mascara and lipstick and I am done for the day in less than 4 minutes. For the lipstick, I will recommend from Milani Cosmetics, which is easily available in the Nepali market too. Shade Loved 12 by Milani is surely loved by all of us. It’s a very neutral color that goes with anything and everything. That is my go-to brand for lipstick. 

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Makeup artists you follow?
I really like Lemi and have been following her for a long time now. I also remember watching many transformation videos by Promise Tamang. I also find Niki Tutorials quite fun and informative. Tutorials by Sakchhi Maskey are also one of my favorites. 

A lockdown beauty addition?
For skincare, I started using the products from a Nepali beauty, cosmetic and personal care brand 
@hervedabotanicals . The Hydration Mist and the Vitamin C & E Serum from them is amazing. They also have this Ko? Face Scrub and I must say, it’s the best scrub I’ve used.

Beauty tips to the young makeup enthusiasts:
Experiment and find out what looks good on you and find something that fits in your budget. Have your makeup based on what occasion and location you are going to. Find some quick makeup routine for your go-to lifestyle and practice that so that you can do it no matter where you are.

While those are Anushka’s night care beauty regime hacks, we bring a few handy tips for you below:

  • Cleaning your skin: After removing your makeup, use a cleanser to clear off all the extra possible makeup or dirt particles from your skin.
  • Toning: Use a mild, chemical-free toner and to help maintain the pH balance of your skin.
  • Serum: Invest in a good serum or consult your dermatologist for a skin serum that will nurture your skin from within.
  • Oil: Take your facial oil and gently massage it onto your skin in upper and lower circular motions.
  • Night cream: Complete your night skincare routine with a great night cream of your choice.