In a world where technology has taken over, watches have been looked at comparatively less. However, having a high end watch will not only give you an elegant look, it will also match with any outfit you wear. Whether you are going for a formal event or just a casual event, having a classy watch will make you stand out. We here at LIVING talked to Mr. Ankur Jhunjhunwala, owner of Swiss Timepieces, to get a better understanding of what are the current watch trends in the market. With the help of Mr. Ankur, we have listed three watches that we recommend to our readers. These chic timepieces will add on as the perfect accessory, making the one look sophisticated and classy.

Frederique Constant -723WR3S4 

This is a new release from Frederique Constant is a thing of beauty. The case is rose gold-plated and polished stainless steel. It is a 3-part case with a 42mm diameter. The watch also features convex sapphire crystal, making one feel elegant in any outfit or any situation. The strap is dark brown, also known as an alligator strap. The brown color of the strap matches any outfit, making one look fashionable without putting much effort into the look.

Balmain Flamea II

Balmain is a great swiss brand, which already has a huge name in the market. The Balmain Flamea II is a great watch option for anyone looking to show off class and elegance. This timepiece is suited more towards women, as the color and design are more feminine. The case is bicolor, stainless steel with rose gold PVD coating. The timepiece also features sapphire crystals, making it stand out in any outfit. Unlike the Frederique Constant, the strap of the Balmain Flamea II is made of stainless steel, giving a bit of a bulkier look. This is a great option since the company also offer a 2-year warranty.

Sevenfriday M1B/02 El Charro Off-Series.

This limited edition timepiece is something most people have not seen. Relatively new in the market, this watch is already out of stock in the official SevenFriday website. However, it is available in Swiss Timepieces, in Durbar Margh. At the first glace, this watch gives off a new unique look. Part of their popular ‘M Series,’ the new piece uses patterns and materials synonymous with the ‘Charro’ attire, making sure it is packed with cool, cultural and fun design nods for those who like something a bit different. The bold design elements include the Calavera Mexican skull featured on the hour disc and the aged case mimics the metal features of an El Charro and his sturdy companion’s wear. The strap is made of brown leather, suited for anyone to match any outfit.