A novel cleaning service

If you’re looking to give your sneakers a professional wash and restoration, then there’s a new service provider in town, Khutta Ma Jutta is a newly opened business which specializes in cleaning and restoring your old sneakers which may be lying unused in the nooks and crannies of your home. Khutta Ma Jutta uses a standard hand-wash procedure to clean your sneakers with pre-tested 100% authentic products which guarantees freshness. Using only the products which are specially made for sneakers, they make sure that the care and finishing given to your sneakers is professional. If you are having trouble mending your shoes back to their original shape the way you remember them, then Khutta Ma Jutta can do the job for you, restoring them to their former glory. They have several pick up points where you can drop off your sneakers. In Boudha, they have a fast food restaurant named ‘Foodgood’ near Lhasa Kitchen on the way to AT burger point. Yet another location is the store named ‘Mero Kicks’ at Tangal. They will soon be opening another point at Chaya Mall which will make it much easier for customers to drop off their sneakers.

Message them on their Instagram account: ‘khuttamajutta101’
Phone No. 9803605979