She can wear large, embroidered traditional fits and extra jewelry, but Mehak Bakshi holds a special place in our hearts for minimal designs and accessories as nobody slays it quite like her. Mehak Bakshi is a 30-year-old influencer, and lawyer by profession from India, who's here to guide us through this wedding season. Her name, which means "sweet aura," perfectly encapsulates the charm she radiates through her fashion choices. Brace yourself to witness Mehak redefining the standards of ethnic fashion with an approach to think outside the box. Here's a look into some stunning traditional fits from Bakshi’s wardrobe.


Mehak has truly become the go-to ethnic style guru. Her knack for coordinating traditional outfits based on the event and time is undeniable. Whether it's selecting jewelry to complement the neckline, deciding on sleek or open hair, or choosing between heels or flats, Mehak has mastered it all. This was one of the times Mehak gave in to the allure of a classic lehenga. She owns this look, adorned with absolutely stunning mirror work on an even more stunning, glimmering allgolden lehenga. It's art that Mehak builds in the form of fashion.

The V-neck and high-waisted bottoms are tailored to perfection for Mehak's body type. Mehak's sense of knowing exactly when to go for large neckpieces and when to keep it minimal is truly commendable. Matching the little details in a look is personally my absolute favorite thing to do, so you can imagine my excitement when I saw Mehak doing the same. It's so cute how she coordinated her necklace and the ring with the lehenga. The net dupatta and the open hair were precisely what we could have anticipated, and Mehak delivered exactly that, even better than we would have imagined.


This outfit is like a sneak peek into the adventure that is Mehak's style game. Trust me, you've signed up for quite a fashion ride! The border and color of the dress seamlessly complement the overall aesthetic of her suit. Mehak skillfully transforms a simple yet elegant golden Punjabi bottom by pairing it with an embroidered blouse that mirrors the borders, turning a basic outfit into a standout look. Known for her knack for differentiation, Mehak adds her unique touch to elevate the ensemble. This look is a testament to Mehak's creativity, turning simplicity into a style statement that's anything but ordinary. The real game-changer, however, is the dupatta donned like a cape – a genius move that showcases Mehak's distinctive style. Now, let's dive into my absolute favorite part of this look – those pointy heels. You can't deny how utterly gorgeous they are. And, of course, the jhumkas, bracelet and her choker- talk about skillfully accessorized jewelry. Let's not overlook the fabulous details that truly make this look pop! First up, the slick low bun adds a touch of sophistication, framing the look with elegance and accentuating her jewelry. And then, there's the adorable silver pouch – a cute and functional accessory that ties the whole look together.


This is undeniably a 'just looking like a wow' moment. The earpieces, the blouse, the curls, the sari – one word for them all: stunning. This look exudes boldness and elegance. In this vibrant ensemble, Mehak showcases a striped pleatless saree/gown paired with a V-neck blouse, creating a modern and lively aesthetic. The glittery white gown with some silver and brown vertical stripes adds an extra layer of charm and glow to the entire look. By now, you've likely picked up on the fact that Mehak isn't one to go overboard with jewelry. She's all about that minimalist vibe, and honestly, no complaints here! It suits her style and aesthetic to a T. For this particular evening, she decided to skip necklaces and chunky bracelets – a move that's just genius. Why? Well, the minimal to no accessorizing balances the loudness of her outfit.

This has to be my absolute favorite look of all. I can only imagine the number of heads Bakshi turned that evening – talk about a style statement that left an impression!



Mehak Bakshi took the internet by storm in 2020 with her stunning summer wedding looks, and let's not skip over the wedding fit—it's a must-mention. Her pastel and pinkthemed wedding became an internet sensation before it even became a trend. The seamless coordination of her beautifully detailed jewelry with the heavily embroidered wedding lehenga is truly outstanding. Despite Mehak's usual love for minimal jewelry, she went all out for her wedding, and it's nothing short of iconic! The addition of pink gems in her neckpiece enhances the overall look and is a treat to the eyes. While opting for large, multi-layered necklaces with a V-neck blouse might not be everyone's first choice, the combination worked exceptionally well. However, my absolute favourite aspect of the entire look was the nose hoop, perfectly adorned with her beautiful smile.


Mehak is all about a little experimentation. She has her basic days, but on the days when she's feeling a bit extraordinary, that's when she truly shines. In the next look, get ready to witness Mehak owning the scene in an emerald green long Anarkali kurta and a dupatta that matches the designs stitched into the kurta, giving off those dramatic vibes. And just when you thought that was the peak of fabulous, she takes it up a notch with the stunning gajra. Covering her braid with the gajra was a power move for sure. The white complements the green so well and elevates the whole look. This is a perfect example of what I mean when I say Mehak knows what she's doing.And let's face it, emerald green in ethnic fits isn’t everyone's go-to, and not everyone can pull it off, but Mehak nails it effortlessly. The chunky green earrings and the neck choker add a touch of cleanliness and sophistication to the entire look. It's a harmonious blend of drama and elegance that showcases Mehak's impeccable fashion sense.