Italian cuisine is one of the most loved cuisines across the globe. Known for its delicious and iconic dishes, it has become a cult favorite for countless Nepalis. DAVS Enterprises hosted an exclusive cooking show introducing Chef Alessio Rasom on 28th February  2023, who flew from Italy to bring his culinary expertise to the exclusive cooking event at Dwarika's Hotel, Kathmandu. The event was organized by Casa Rinaldi-Nepal as a thank you to all their customers who have supported them so far. It was also graced by the Italian Honorary Consul Pratima Rana PandÉ.

Chef Alessio is a renowned Italian chef, whose passion for cooking has taken him across the world and earned him numerous accolades for his exceptional culinary skills. Alessio was in Asia, particularly Japan, where he interned at Kinobu, a Kyoto one-Michelin-star restaurant, before going to Latin America and Paris. Working in Parisian gastronomy as chef at the Michelin-star Ze Kitchen Galerie, he gained extensive knowledge of citrus and Asian flavors. After spending over four years in the City of Light, he settled in Danang, Vietnam. There he founded Si Dining, the first restaurant focusing on his cuisine, which quickly gained fame among foodies. With years of experience in the industry, he has become a master of Italian cuisine, and his dishes are a reflection of his deep love for traditional Italian cooking.

In this special session with Nepali restaurateurs, chefs, and other attendees, Chef Allesio showcased a sensorial Italian experience where he presented the crowd with four dishes that mesmerized everyone with their unique flavors. The dishes included Baked Cauliflower with Parmigiano, Eggplant Steak (fresh, savory, and sweet, paired with a fascinating mix of yogurts and spices), Panzerotti Pizza (a unique fried pizza from Italy), and Risotto Black Ink (a savory dish made with garlic, olive oil, risotto rice, onions, and cuttlefish ink) served with Buratta (an Italian cow's milk cheese). The chef's creativity was on full display as he infused traditional Italian recipes with ingredients commonly used in Nepali cooking, resulting in a truly unique culinary experience. The event was not only a celebration of the fusion of two distinct culinary traditions but also an opportunity to explore the possibilities of sustainable, locally sourced ingredients. The chef shared some tips for elevating simple dishes with meticulous preparation and deliberate seasoning.
Chef Rasom says, "The purpose of this event was to spread Italian flavors around the world. We have realized that, globally, people have a limited vision of Italian food and Italian products. With the presence of Casa Rinaldi products in Nepal, the brand is trying to introduce customers to a variety of Italian cuisine under a single umbrella. Today, the purpose was not to promote Italian food in general but to bring this culture to places where people see Italian food from a different perspective. Nepal is a rapidly developing country, and people's tastes are improving at a rapid pace. I was here five years ago, and coming back, I can already witness a major difference where people are getting more inclined towards western tastes. This is very impressive because this kind of shift is very rare in other countries."

"The good part of Italian food is that mostly all the dishes are healthy and do not have chemical products. They are all organic and tasty at the same time. It's high time we slowly replaced junk food with Italian cuisine," he adds.
Overall, the event was a tremendous success, inspiring attendees to think more creatively about the potential of Nepali ingredients in Italian cuisine and to continue exploring the endless possibilities of these two rich culinary traditions.