Grasslands’ is an annual outdoor music festival founded by Rishavh Shrestha (Enhancify) and Vinayak Tamang (Dipsoman). It has become a household name in the festival scene, and in fact has gained fame since its inception. The growth of the festival is something unimaginable considering its modest beginnings. It began as a getaway event to host a handful of people to a multi-genre festival. It soon grabbed headlines and there was no looking back. Here, we get into the heads of the people behind Grasslands to find out what sets it apart from others in the same ballpark.
Rishavh Shrestha going by the stage name Enhancify is the founder of Spektrum, an event company that works closely with electronic music. He has years of experience in the industry as a reputed Dj and a significant promoter of the genre.
Vinayak Tamang AKA Dipsoman runs Surge Entertainment, another event house which is also tied with the electronic scene. With the advent of his Dj career, Vinayak slowly gravitated towards hosting parties.
 The name “Grasslands” was conceived based on the tropical vibe in Chitwan. It resonated with the idea of an outdoor festival. The first event hosted no more than 200 people but was invaluable to the event's growth. Word spread like wildfire with echoes of its greatness reaching diverse social circles. It cemented the Grasslands as a platform for upcoming artists, to explore unique sounds and immerse themselves in experimental music. In a way, opening Grasslands to collaborations and partnerships elevated the event to new heights. It has seen a plethora of success with its multi-genre festival at the Norling Resort where several notable names in the music industry were featured. This was followed by the recently held remarkable Grasslands Carnival which blended music, fashion and culture. Rishavh and Vinayak see each event as a benchmark of their success. They call it ‘an incredible learning process’.
 The motive of Spektrum and Surge, the umbrella companies behind Grasslands is to bring something exciting to the table. The Grasslands festival to be held on 31st March this year is a proposed banger with an extensive line-up of local and international acts. Manu Chao, a reggae legend is on the cards to perform at the festival. Aloka, a Dj from Wales will be headlining, another sure fire favorite in the electronic scene. We also have Kta Haru from Nepal bringing you groovy tunes which you cant miss. 2023 promises to be a year when amazing artists will take to the stage. Coming from diverse backgrounds, they will be cultivating a unique experience of auditory and visual stimulus.

 The festival is expected to pull a crowd of around 2000 people from Nepal and India, partnering with KRUNK, an event house to tackle the Indian foreground. A series of pre-parties are in order to promote the event. This year, the Grasslands Festival will be running three stages out of which two will be running back to back. Additionally, there will be designated rooms that are set to play Disco and Hip-hop on their respective days. The management plans to set up assorted food stalls and hire a mixologist from Sri Lanka to heighten the experience of the festival. The team also foresees another carnival in the month of November with plans to host events on an annual basis. The Grasslands is the first of its kind and renowned as a safe space for open expression and creativity. Growing in magnitude with a string of successes, the future for such events looks promising.