Varun Talwar, the General Manager of Hyatt Place Kathmandu, is a dynamic and passionate leader in the hospitality industry. With over 17 years of experience, Talwar has seen the industry go through significant changes and has always stayed ahead of the curve. Talwar's journey in the hotel industry began when he was introduced to it as a young boy through his family of hoteliers. Today, he is living his dream and leading the team at Hyatt Place Kathmandu with his exceptional leadership skills. Talwar's belief in caring for his team and valuing their opinions has earned him a reputation as an excellent leader who encourages and mentors his team to do better. In this interview, we dive deeper into Varun Talwar's leadership style and his thoughts on the future of the hospitality industry.--


What is Hyatt Place all about? How is it different from other Hyatt brands? 
Hyatt Place Kathmandu is designed to cater to the needs of modern travelers who seek comfort and convenience.
Hyatt Place stands out from other Hyatt brands due to its emphasis on thoughtfully designed guest rooms featuring distinct zones for sleep, work and play. This is also reflected in the modern design and layout of the hotel, where the lobby is designed to create a welcoming atmosphere for guests with its comfortable seating, bar, and 24-hour market.
Overall, Hyatt Place is a popular choice for business and leisure travelers looking for a comfortable and convenient stay. Its modern design, and range of amenities make it a great choice for travelers seeking affordable luxury.

How would you describe the ambiance and the atmosphere of the hotel? 
The Hyatt Place Kathmandu offers a unique ambiance and atmosphere that combines modern touches with traditional Nepali architecture. The hotel's central location allows guests to experience the city's vibrant energy while being surrounded by stunning views of the mountains, hills, city, and the iconic Swayambhunath Stupa.
The lobby of the hotel is spacious and well-lit, providing guests with plenty of seating areas to relax and socialize. The guest rooms are designed with both comfort and functionality in mind, with modern amenities such as free Wi-Fi, swiveling HDTVs, and comfortable bedding. The decor is simple yet elegant, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.
The hotel also offers a variety of dining options, including the popular Zing - Sky Bar & Lounge, which is the perfect spot for guests to unwind and socialize over drinks in the evening. Overall, Hyatt Place Kathmandu provides a comfortable and welcoming ambiance that is sure to leave guests feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.
What are some of the experiences that the hotel provides? 
The hotel offers a variety of experiences and facilities to its guests. For accommodation, the hotel provides comfortable and spacious rooms that are equipped with modern amenities such as free Wi-Fi, swiveling HDTVs, and mini-fridges. Guests can also indulge in dining options as the hotel has two on-site restaurants that serve a wide range of cuisines. The restaurants are known as Zing - World of Flavors and Zing - Skybar & Lounge. In addition to dining, the hotel also has a fully-equipped fitness center for those who wish to stay fit during their stay. For relaxation, guests can enjoy the outdoor pool or unwind at the hotel's spa.

What has the hotel done differently to give the guests an uncomplicated and casual experience?
Hyatt Place prides itself on providing guests with an uncomplicated and casual experience, and the hotel achieves this by focusing on 24/7 conveniences, thoughtful service, and flexible spaces. The hotel aims to be a welcoming place where guests can seamlessly move from work to play, and where they can find authentic, intuitive, and modern experiences.
To achieve this goal, Hyatt Place responds to the evolving needs of its guests. The hotel is always looking for ways to improve the guest experience, whether that means adding new amenities or improving existing ones. Guests can expect to find a range of amenities that cater to their needs, such as free Wi-Fi, a 24-hour gym, and a 24-hour market.
Hyatt Place also focuses on providing thoughtful service to its guests. The hotel's staff is trained to be attentive and responsive to guests' needs, and they are always available to help guests with anything they need.
What are the hotel's USPs? 
It is the first pet-friendly hotel in Nepal, which is a great advantage for guests who want to travel with their furry companions. This offering is a rare find in the region and is sure to appeal to pet owners.
Another highlight of the hotel is the stunning view of the Swayambhunath Stupa from the comfort of the guest rooms. This is a significant landmark in Kathmandu, and the hotel's strategic location allows guests to enjoy panoramic views of the stupa from their rooms. This view is not something that every hotel in the area can offer, making it a unique feature of the Hyatt Place Kathmandu.

What’s the concept behind the restaurant ‘Zing’? 
The restaurant 'Zing' is a young, fresh, and innovative concept that was launched around mid-2018. It is designed with a vibrant and stylish color palette of bright red, cool blue, and shimmering silver, with green accents from plants and bushes, called "Coco Cool". Zing offers a unique dining experience that combines a variety of signature design elements, including a show kitchen, private seating spaces, a community table, and alfresco dining.
The concept behind Zing is to create a memorable dining experience that is influenced by the ambiance, music, food, and service. The restaurant's innovative design elements and atmosphere aim to create a fun and relaxed atmosphere where guests can enjoy their meals in comfort.
Give me 5 signature dishes from the restaurant.
  • Bhatti Ka Murg,
  • Bhutte ka Shorba,
  •  Signature 3 M Curry
  •  Meal in a Bowl,
  •  Cheer Me Up (Our Version of Tiramisu)

How does the restaurant accommodate dietary restrictions and preferences?
The restaurant accommodates dietary restrictions and preferences by offering a section in their menu with superfoods, marking healthy items, and soon including KCAL information for each menu item.
What upcoming events can the guests look forward to at the hotel?
There are a number of events lined up at the hotel - Nepali New Year’s Eve, Lucknawi Food festival, Jazz every Friday, Sundowner’s every Saturday, Movie night’s by the Pool, Saturday Brunches, and Mother’s Day celebrations. The hotel hopes to welcome and serve honorable guests at all the events.