The Carnival De Kathmandu was visually stunning. The event succeeded in capturing the essence of a true Brazilian Carnival with its glamorous decorations and powerful performances. On the occasion of the extravaganza, the garden of the Malla Hotel was decorated with colorful feathers, balloons and beautiful lighting. A replica of Christ the Redeemer highlighted the Brazilian monument, a centerpiece to the Carnival and several other props added mystique to the theme. This was the second edition of Carnival De Kathmandu organized in collaboration with The Embassy of Brazil.

Held on the 17th of February, the carnival was attended by a diverse crowd of locals and expats alike, all eager to experience the unique blend of Brazilian and Nepali cultures. The reputed MC Sanjay Gupta got the event off to a good start with subtle pleasantries, opening the stage up for the amazing night to follow. Brazilian dancers from Europe took center stage with their synchronized and upbeat moves which captivated the entire crowd. Seeing the beautiful dancers dressed in passistas ; samba costume with elaborate headpiece performing in graceful unison was mesmerizing. The energy on stage definitely sparked passion in everyone watching. The next act to follow was the legendary artist Deepak Bajracharya & the Rhythm Band whose songs have this enchanting effect that complemented the lively ambience of the carnival. Bajracharya definitely knows how to work the stage with his charm. The crowd was bobbing their heads to his hits from “Oh Amira” to “Mann Magan”. Another big headliner was Sabin Rai & the Pharaohs who set the stage ablaze with their ecstatic performance of “Malai Angali Deu,” “Ma Sansar Jitne'' and “Timi Nai Hau,”. 

The crowd was lost in the music, singing word for word from their Nepali favorites while the beautiful lighting and visuals simulated the feeling of an actual carnival. The musicians were accompanied onstage by a dancing Lakhey and a fire breathing Jhankri. The Lakhey and the Jhankri became ethnic mascots showcasing Nepali cultural roots integrated into the carnival. The stalls around the garden area offered a variety of food options, ranging from traditional Nepali momos to sweet popsicles. The tuck shop, Dalle, Tiptop, Syanko Rolls, Quest College, Sweet Fix and the Malla Hotel itself had stalls at the event. This allowed guests to choose from mouth watering delights and experience a fine evening of delicious food. 

Accompanying the food were special cocktails prepared for the carnival. There were three special drinks prepared in the theme of the carnival going by names such as Go Guava Gone (gin based Guava chilli), Tipsy Parade (vodka infused Elderflower) and Spicy Samba (vodka infused Titaura Cocktail). The drinks were noteworthy and suited the theme of the carnival, bringing unique flavors to add to the festive note. The night was spectacular, ending with an exotic dance performance by Brazilian dancers where guests were encouraged to join in at the center of the Garden. The Carnival De Kathmandu was definitely a huge success, bringing together the vibrant cultures of Brazil and Nepal. The decorations, performances and food stalls added up to create an immersive experience for attendees. Undoubtedly, this carnival will become a staple in Kathmandu's annual events calendar.