It’s impossible to talk about Anish Tamang and not think of his creative and colorful makeup, as seen on his Instagram (@_divinish), where he’s followed by over 20K users. “Makeup has been a part of my life, something that has become a habit. It's a way of expressing my emotions. I feel satisfied and complete every time I sit down to body paint,” says Anish, whose professional career started back in 2018 and body painting in July 2019.
 Following Anish Tamang whose Instagram feed @_divinish’s will ensure that you're keeping your finger on the pulse of the beauty community, thanks to his reels and IGTV videos that'll convince you to try something new. His Instagram page is chock-full of celebrity inspired and red carpet looks along with some bold and colorful body paint.

When did you first become interested in makeup?
My interest in makeup came as early as I can remember; I was influenced into doing makeup by the strong women in my life like my mom and my grandmom, seeing them get ready and feel happy and confident. During my modeling career back in 2012, I always did my own makeup for shows because I would never be satisfied with other MUAs doing it on me.

You're constantly challenging traditional notions of beauty in your work. Why is this so important to you? What are you hoping to communicate?
Art is one form that everyone can understand and relate to. My whole objective to stand against these traditional notions is to create a pathway for the coming generation so they will never have to struggle as I did; the journey of constant bullying, objections, harassment and embarrassment that I have faced. I don't want the coming generation to go through all that again. I just want them all to be happy and accept freely who they are and what they want to be, without having to think about others’ opinions.

How would you describe your relationship with makeup?
At this point, I would say I am happily married to makeup (laughs). I am in a very committed relationship that I don't think I will ever survive without it at this point in time.

You are breaking conventional ways of makeup with your out of the box ideas. Why did you make it your forte?
Like I mentioned earlier, art is one way of communication which can be understood by anyone. Creating an attention-grabbing art, I can easily convey my message to people who see it.

Creative, colorful makeup is a way of expressing yourself. Why do think you are more inclined towards that?
I love exploring and learning new things and creative makeup has been my medium to express the fact that life is so colorful and happy, we need to learn to find positive things.

What is the one tool that you can't work without?
Being a creative artist, it's my painting palette. I would cry if I were ever separated from it.

What's been the highlight of your career so far?
 I believe the painting of Indra Jatra and Goddess Kumari has been the most appreciated work till date. It was featured in multiple social media platforms and articles.


1. Lion king
This painting will always be my most important look since it holds a lot of emotional connections. My body painting journey began with the movie Lion King as this movie inspired me when I was at the worst point in my life. As soon as I was done with this painting, I knew that I would never stop and ended up doing exactly that. Since then, as I spend more time, I feel deeply more connected.

2. Child & Dog
 I am someone who loves the company of animals; be it dogs, cats or birds. I feel at my best when I’m around them. This painting shows my side of emotion towards animals and after posting this a lot of people could relate to my expression. Also this was the first time I worked on detailing a human portrait.

3. Recreating Doja Cat Schiaparelli Couture Look: 
This has to be the most important look that I have ever worked on, not only did I use this look for a photoshoot but actually carried and attended an event, Milano Runway at Club Fahrenheit. It was a recreation of Doja Cat's makeup from the Schiaparelli Couture, for a photo shoot as well as for the runway show. It took me and my team a total of eight hours to finish the look, and I wore it for almost 12 hours. The level of detail and complexity of the makeup made it one of the craziest looks I have ever created and walked in public.